Meet Alan Macias

Back when it was much warmer I posted some pictures of Alan Macias. At the time, he didn’t have an IAM page and I had nothing to go off of when writing the post except for my take on the pictures. Since that post, Alan has made himself an IAM page.

When I stumbled upon his page his description answered a few of my questions and gave me a bit more insight to his life, but it definitely left me wanting more.

I had a motorcycle accident. I was in the hospital for a year. I had about 40 operations to put me back together. I had nerve damage to my left shoulder, my non-functioning arm had to go. My tattoos are decoration first and then they tell the story of me last. I am not shy about being naked in public because I know everyone is the same and most fear being judged, another word for peer pressure.

After finding him and reading that, I felt obliged to send him a message and see if he wouldn’t mind answering a few questions for me. Luckily for me and the modblog readers,  he happily obliged.


For a deeper look into the life of Alan Macias, keep on keeping on.

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