Ran Maclurkin needs your help!

It seems that I only have time to post on Modblog when I have to be the bearer of bad news. Ran Maclurkin was riding his motorcycle on the way home from work Tuesday night when he was hit by a 4×4. The impact was so severe that it broke his T11 vertebrae as well as his C7. The doctors will be performing surgery on him this coming Friday to fuse the bones. After that he will need to wear a Halo brace for 3 months.

As I’m sure you can guess, he won’t be able to work during that time. As he doesn’t have insurance, this is going to hurt him financially. There is no telling when he will be able to tattoo again. Peter Sheringham, owner of The Piercing Urge where Ran works, is raising funds to help Ran during this horrendous time. If you have a couple bucks to spare, please send it via Paypal to [email protected]. Anything will help. If you’ve got a couple dollars, please send it as every penny counts!


Some of you may remember Ran from the “One Hour Tattoo” that I posted of a tattoo that he did on me during the 2010 BME World Tour. Not only does Ran specialize in Abstract Noir but the rest of his work is amazing. His work in realism and color is top notch. Please donate what you can as well as keeping Ran in your thoughts. Contact Peter if you need any more information on donations or Ran’s condition. We were do our best to keep you updated.

You can also check out The Piercing Urge’s website for more information.

BMEtv – Matt Collins

It’s time for another look back at the BME World Tour.  Today’s interview is with Matt Collins from Dynamic Tattoo in Melbourne.  Matt’s a young artist who is making a name for himself while working alongside other artists who are mentoring him as he develops his craft, including Trevor McStay, who we talked to in an earlier edition of BMEtv.

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BMEtv – Nixx

It’s time again for another interview from the BME World Tour.  Today’s interview is with Nixx, a tattoo artist from 383 Tattoo located in the Gold Coast in Australia.

Nixx started out his modification career as a piercer and he talks about how he was able to transition from one career to the other, and how piercing has been able to help him now as a tattoo artist.

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A Portrait and the Artist

Last weekend was the Frankfurt Tattoo Convention, and we’re already starting to get photos added to the Frankfurt Convention gallery.  This portrait was done at the convention by none other than Michael Kozlenko, one of the tattoo geniuses from Kipod Tattoo.

We’ve seen a lot of Michael’s work over the past few years, but we really haven’t gotten a good look at the man himself.  Until now.

Here he is hard at work on the portrait you see above.

There are many more photos from the convention coming in every day so stay tuned for more from Kipod Tattoo, and the other studios that attended the Frankfurt Tattoo Convention.

Above the mountain top

Michel Kozlenko

Kipod Tattoo, Tel Aviv, Isreal

A mountain top never looked so good.

We see a lot of tattoos come out of Kipod studios, and rightfully so.  Michael and the rest of the artists consistently put out solid work, and are kind enough to share it with us in the studio’s portfolio gallery.

If you’re an artist and would like your own portfolio gallery, simply e-mail [email protected] and send in your request.  After that whenever you submit photos you can put them directly into your gallery.

BMEtv – Aaron Bond

It’s time for another video from the Brisbane leg of the BME World Tour.  The past two videos have been from from Wild at Heart, and this one featuring Aaron Bond brings the count to three.  Aaron talks about both his inspirations, as well as his thoughts as a tattooist who splits his time between Australia and Sweden.

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