Oslo SusCon, Day Three

First, some more pictures from Allen Falkner from the 2005 Wings of Desire Oslo SusCon. These are from day three of the event:

For those of you who’ve never been to a suspension convention, they’re much more than just a bunch of people going so they can hang. Certainly that’s a central aspect, but I think more importantly it’s a gathering of friends and family.. and these days it’s also a travel experience — it’s not as if Oslo is in Rhode Island! Cere (from the NYC chapter of Rites of Passage) discovered some of the differences between home and Norway while talking to locals at a pub:

Smiling Norwegian: It’s great that you love Oslo; is there anything that you want to see while you’re here?
Cere: Well, actually a few of us would like to find a local strip club.
(The Norwegian is no longer smiling.)
Norwegian: You like that kind of thing?
Cere: Strip clubs? Well yeh, it’s naked girls… Who doesn’t like naked girls?
Norwegian: Well I have respect for women!

At this point the Norwegian storms off, and his sentiments are echoed by the others in the pub. At a later party that night, Cere is offered a giant plate of cocaine as a welcoming gift.

Smiling Norwegian:

You like cocaine?


Nah, I’m good… I don’t sniff, but thank you.


You are an American though?


Yeah, from New York.


You lie!!! You are not an American if you do not want cocaine!

Ah stereotypes… America, a nation of strippers doing lines of coke off your cock.

I think Cere will enjoy SusCon: Red Light District in Amsterdam.

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