Nose King?

I really think that Pierced is probably the undisputed king of extreme nose work. Not only does he have a massive inch-plus septum piercing, but also 000ga nostrils (which he can wear a huge nasallang barbell through), and now he’s added an incredibly high 4ga nasallang as well.

Check out his page for more.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, he’s a software engineer and his piercings are self-done.

15 thoughts on “Nose King?

  1. Wow! that guy has awesome piercings!
    I wana get nasallang… but i’d like to know exactally the parts of my nose it would go through… I don’t want a high one though…
    One in the same place as the guy in that pic has, where his nostrils are.

    Looks bloody painful thoguh!

  2. Just breathe… wtf it can not be a + thing to block the nassal passage in such a manor…~_0

  3. oh that looks savage, how did he go about stretching those? It looks incredibly painful.

  4. omfg… he looks like an alien… i mean… ahhh…
    still… it is commendable what he has done… if he likes it… that is all that matters i guess *shivver*

  5. I’m pretty open-minded, even when it comes to some of the ugliest, poorly-done tattoos, and some of the most ridiculous, hazardous mods…
    It’s your body, right? If you want to butcher it to shit and make it look horrid, it’s your choice.
    But I have to comment that this is pretty disgusting looking, and the way he’s posing makes me think of an alien owl.

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