Female "Castration"

While male nullification procedures such as castration and penectomy are relatively common on a sub-subcultural level, female nullification procedures are much more rare — I’d say in a consensual context, less than a 1:100 ration of female:male procedures. These photos are very graphic, so please don’t view them if you aren’t up to it.

The first six photos are procedural, and the last two are later healed pictures. The full set (more photos at a higher resolution) is in the BME/extreme archives.

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47 thoughts on “Female "Castration"

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    Posted on 11-05-2005 22:47:08 by ??
    what are they removing

    Posted on 11-05-2005 22:47:44 by Sade
    wow is all i can really say…

    Posted on 11-05-2005 22:50:29 by ~
    it looks so nice and neat now!

    Posted on 11-05-2005 23:38:23 by Wonderland
    I assume its a clitoridectomy

    Posted on 11-06-2005 00:29:14 by deadrose
    Were her labia majora removed in a previous procedure? It looks as if she hasn’t really got any, and they’re removing the labia minora and clitoris.

    Posted on 11-06-2005 10:46:08 by glider
    Her inner labia have been fully removed and the clit and hood have been partially removed. There’s still a fair amount of clitoris left in the final result (much more than you’d think from the clamped tissue).

    Posted on 11-07-2005 14:42:52 by Modified Me
    I could deal without the labia, they’re more annoying then anything!

    Posted on 12-08-2005 00:52:16 by Ryan
    Hey dont diss the ol meat curtains…

    Posted on 02-17-2006 03:24:30 by delta
    has the whole world gone crazy??????????

    Posted on 03-30-2006 15:25:53 by josh
    do you miss your clit

    Posted on 04-15-2006 05:11:38 by hotsteamysex
    OUCHIE! *cover my toy* damn crazy people!

  2. the pics are very exciting!!
    But it’s pity for the hood. I like very much to lick and suck hood and clitty!!! And my wife too!
    It’s more difficult for her coming i think.

  3. You could be proud to be a modified!

    If it is your desission, BRAVO!

    Playing, playing have fun and be proud!

  4. hi its very interesting, who can give me more information about female nullification. i also want become an fem nullo.

  5. I don’t feel sorry for your bad decision to mutilate yourself into a pleasureless freak! While you are void of orgasms, I’ll be reaping the rewards of ecstasy! CUMMING & LOVING IT!!!

  6. Well, I think think it looks clean and neat and I think I’d bury my face there permanently.

  7. She must have never had an orgasm. What a shame. They should make people go to therapy before something like this can be done.

  8. You don’t understand True Submission .
    We don’t pick and choose .
    My body is my Mistresses ,to do with what she wants. I do not own
    it. She knows what’s best for me. To be a true Sub and to submit
    in any way she desires is my joy. What ever and I do mean whatever I’m asked to do,
    I will do or let be done to me. Hence my nullification. My body has a full
    tattoo from my face wrapping down and around to my right toe

  9. What’s the whole point of this? I don’t get it. It even looks worse than before. Not that it was ‘wrong’ before… Seriously this female “Castration” is totally pointless

  10. Holly,
    I have a male friend who is a submissive also. To be honest his master treats him in an appauling way, most of the time he is in bits with sadness at the cruel physical and mental abuse.

    Please find inner strength to take control of your own life.


  11. i’m a very bottom-centric girl and i’d like to have my clitoris removed or cauterized or permanently numbed so all i’d have left to cum with is my bottom

  12. also: study the first picture. look how aroused she is. i consider this to be in expectation of the procedure to follow.

  13. i am a castrated female it was my choice to be castrated although i now regret it since i can only cum from behind and i also had my nipples removed. since i might seem like a freek to most guys i am now thinking of becoming a nun.

  14. Holly maybe you need to look up your own lifestyle vocabulary. There is a big difference between Sub and Slave.

  15. damn nice clit.i love peirceings there.they are so cool.and the clit is really soft so its really cool to have one

  16. What ever the lady has decidided it has been deliberated internally and probably at some depth.
    But she has been brave and followed her choice, do not compromise your own choices by criicism.My own partner suffers an over sensitivity in the clitoral region so sexual expression may not be as simple as you first think.
    May good blessinga follow fron your act, enjoy.

  17. I know you regret your decision, but you chose what you chose. I can’t help thinking of women in the Near East and Africa that are subjected to vaginoplasty at 13 with no choice in the matter. That’s an entirely different story.

    Please know that Female clitorectomies are rampant in the countries I mention above, and are often performed with a piece of cut glass or an unclean razor. Many little girls die from the procedure.

    In your case, you made your decision and I do not judge you for it. Further, you had the removal surgically and hygenically: so, if this is your choice, you did everything perfectly. However, I vehemently oppose this procedure when a young girl is not allowed to make such a decision about her own body or sexuality.

    Thank you for sharing your experience. That’s really brave.

  18. I think that if a man and woman love each other and there merried and they both decide that the female gets all of her clit and clit hood removed permanently then they should becose to me I bleave that a female wance she terns 12 years old should get her clit removed hood and all but thats just what I think and in real ife I would never hert anyone.

  19. I do not get this…while I can understand the excitement of the anticipation and the resulting adrenalin rush it happens only once and then one is stuck for the rest of ones life with only a stub of a tingly bit.

    Ahhh well to each their own.

  20. It’s a little saddening to me to see this, considering I am void of much sexual sensation from my nipples to my clitoris to any other piece of me.
    I’ve exhausted my means to bring myself pleasure before, from myself and others, and I’ve finally just come to accept that my body was damaged when I was younger or something to that regard. So it is a little biting to me that someone would choose to give up something that I’d like to have just once, badly.
    Oh, well. Your choice. I’ve played the dominant. All I’ve learned from doing such is that a majority (read: majority, in my personal experience, not all) of submissives/slaves have a sort of emotional deficiency. Some sort of need that was not met or abuse or whatever it was that led them to believe they deserve to be punished and controlled. That is saddening, as well.

  21. I wonder if the loss of sensation makes you want more sex or if it makes you not want it anymore?

  22. Interesting, I respect Your decision. I would like to know more. I will admit I don’t entirely get it. In truth I found this sight by trying to debunk the great muslim myth of genital mutilation. I got sick of the demonized propaganda.
    So kind of clicking on every thing.

    I do see though this was free will. That I respect your body , your choice. Many forget by that standard of choice making anything goes. As long as it is ones own body.

  23. i think this subject is so fascinating, and i fantasize about women that want it done especially in erotic, weird and wonderful ways, i wound love to know more about the subject and here from any women planning to get it done espesaly if there in the uk

  24. im realy glad i found this site because i alwase searched the web for fgm photos to get off on and i alwase felt bad after because the girls in the picturs had no choice. i had no idea that any woman would ever consent to such a thing but im glad she did because the the after photo looks great. im glad im not alone in my sex drive. i realy hope she enjoys new pussy. but i wonder why she wanted it done.

  25. I wish to undergo castration because I love it.I already cut off a testicle and I want to cut off the another one. I’m not a homossexual, I’m a man, I like womwen and only women, but I want to castrate my testicle because I want to fuck women without testicles, like a eunuch, a viril eunuch. Please, if you know a doctor who does this surgery,contact me with him.I wnat to be a castrated man, it’s my dream, and I’ll do all for cfarry out this. Please, someone help me!Send e-mails to my e-mail address. Thank ever so much.

  26. wow this is frigen weird, i’m in to looking @ sick and twisted sh*t, but i just can’t imagine knockin off a part of my pussy, and when one of the people commenting said it looked so nice and neat, what does that even mean? I think it looks like some weird pink fleshy hole….but hey to each is own.

  27. Maybe I am being naive and I am trying to understand but I feel it has been suggested by a irresponsible Dom. Yes the power over a sub must be addictive and make you feel like God/Goddess but you have to think of your sub’s well being. Isn’t chastity and orgasm prevention supposed to be about will power?

  28. hope this thread isn’t closed. saskia please tell me you didn’t become a nun, what you’ve chose to have done sounds really amazing, i’ve always wondered what the outcome of a woman removing her nipples would be. is there anywhere i can hear more about you.

  29. It is so sexy it’s my ultimate fantasy to to do this to a woman or at least fuck one who has it done I’d like talk to one maby get some pics oh and don’t let any one call u a freak you are beautiful and don’t forget it Email me at [email protected]

  30. What place can do this? How much pay for it?

    Thanks. I think is good for me to do it.

  31. I would really like to see a pussy that has had it’s clit removed. If someone has great pictures, videos or wants to show her own modded pussy, please contact me at [email protected]

  32. The labia are gone, but surprisingly she still has some clit left. It must have been pretty big to start with.

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