Anchor Cuttings

I’ve showed work by the brilliant scarification artist Dave Gillstrap here before, but he just got back from an art tour in Vancouver and I’d like to post this shot to show how he builds up a cutting. Dave has a unique form of textural cutting that allows him to both create bold outlines that hold the piece together, but also “shading” using a series of lighter cuts.

Here’s a fresh example of his work on IAM:taryn:

I’ll try and remember to post a healed picture of this in six months, but do check out some of his other work on ModBlog like the geisha scar or this bodysuit… and he also has a mini-portfolio on BME.

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14 thoughts on “Anchor Cuttings

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    Posted on 11-29-2005 13:11:27 by Noam
    That just amazing…..

    Posted on 11-30-2005 00:44:12 by KC
    You took the words out of my mouth

    Posted on 12-09-2005 01:28:13 by PiercedPirate
    Wow. Just…wow.

    Posted on 12-12-2005 14:20:57 by andrew
    Absolutely amazing.
    Very Beautiful.

    Posted on 12-12-2005 19:39:13 by sneezy
    i love the pierced picture of perfection

    Posted on 12-13-2005 21:44:08 by alex

    Posted on 12-13-2005 21:57:24 by ellaminnowpea
    oh my god, that’s gorgeous. i’m definitely anxious to see it healed.

    Posted on 12-13-2005 23:05:28 by eesh
    fucking rank, way to ruin some nice legs.

    Posted on 12-13-2005 23:10:41 by izzytoo

    Posted on 12-13-2005 23:17:38 by sirius black
    the fact that people are like “wow beautiful” and the like means that a lot of people need suicide lessons

    Posted on 12-13-2005 23:40:03 by bob
    Gotta love morons who feel the need to share their ignorance with the world…

    That’s some beautiful cutting.

    Posted on 12-13-2005 23:52:42 by rachel
    I think they look like beautiful works of art.

    Posted on 12-14-2005 01:54:24 by vrogy
    Hot. The bloodspattered nurse panties are a nice touch.

    Posted on 12-14-2005 01:55:16 by John
    That’s amazing …

    I’m not personally into body modification (beyond simple earrings) and find this sort of thing a bit frightening, but I still find it utterly beautiful.

    Posted on 12-14-2005 02:59:51 by aeiou11235
    I personally think this is one of the siockest things I ve ever been in my life. But I admire people who do whatever they want: so: do whatever you please want. Argh!So beautiful LEGS! SO BIG ANCHORS!!!

    Posted on 12-14-2005 03:02:53 by adamstrauss72
    his call is more like a low played in unison by a cornet and an oboe, lasting maybe twenty seconds before sliding up to a higher A, at which time it is broken in two or four (never more) short bursts, the duration of each being not more than three seconds.

    Posted on 12-14-2005 03:22:58 by Spooky Kitty
    Impressive..will probably look pretty cool if healed properly but OMFG OUCH!!!!!

    As long as you are happy with it that is all that matters.

    Posted on 12-14-2005 04:44:59 by laughing at you
    how self-absorbed can you get?

    Posted on 12-14-2005 05:06:00 by Beejamin
    I think there’s a lot to be said for subtlety in all art forms. Subtlety in permanent artworks is more important than in a transient piece.

    When you’re dealing with something as beautiful as a woman’s leg, subtlety and sensitivity to the medium is about as critical as it ever will be.

    Technically brilliant. Horribly over-stated.

    Posted on 12-14-2005 05:31:01 by xshieldsx
    I spy:

    camel toe.

    Posted on 12-14-2005 07:23:11 by noparadise
    Although I can appreciate, and am no stranger to, the apposite randomnity of a real tarmac tattoo, this is a masturbation-fixated insult to the healing process. You deserve to become infected and for the pain to never cease.

    Posted on 12-14-2005 12:08:26 by arcadiannightmare
    very beautiful. I had no idea any of this artform existed. Though as legs I’m not sure it was suitable… as a canvas, superb. thanks for an excellent introduction to these cuttings.

    Posted on 12-14-2005 14:11:10 by ask your psychiatrist
    Isn’t this the “alternative” equivalent of going on American Idol?

    Posted on 12-14-2005 15:57:47 by Gilgongo
    Cripes. Sickeningly wonderful. A bit like watching an insect eat something alive.

    Posted on 12-14-2005 21:12:22 by sdfgdh
    I think tattoo’s might have been a little less painful, but still, nonetheless attractive.

    Posted on 12-14-2005 22:03:40 by trbngr

    Posted on 12-15-2005 16:14:56 by VMOS
    that looks nasty, but I’d like to see it when it healed.
    IMHO I reckon they would look much better at the sides of the legs than the front, but hey, they ain’t my legs

    Posted on 12-15-2005 18:38:59 by arturo
    Inredible…this will be sight to see when she is eighty years old, crapping her “Depends”. Conratulations!

    Posted on 12-17-2005 17:33:08 by phil
    Well, I don’t see the point. But please, If you can explain why anyone would want to do this over many other activities. I would be open to any new perspectives as long as they are well thought through like Quine’s or Ayer’s philosophies.

    Posted on 12-17-2005 22:29:28 by wild fire child
    absolutely beautiful…and i love how you can see her barbell balls through the underwear :)

    something about the stance and where the underwear cover to makes it look like a mannequin (think iam: Jeremy’s mannequin photo series)

    Posted on 12-22-2005 03:31:48 by bite me jack asses
    scarification ‘Artist’? can you call someone who enjoys knifing up young women of questionable intelligence, who may be in serious need of psycological evaluations seeing as they pay to have this done to them, an “Artist”?
    if so perhaps someone could go around with an exacto knife carving up 8 yearolds with crude portraits of their fav seseme street charactors and be celebrated as a great and daring artist, i mean really why f*ck around, why not go for the real glory as an artist and do something extrodinarily “artistic”
    stupid f*cking lozers

    Posted on 12-23-2005 02:54:27 by FUckin SIckend
    Wow.. ive been to war.. seen horrible things.. But this sick ass stuff.. just wants me make me rip my fucking eyes out in horror.. I cannot belive sombody would do that to their own body and the people who do this.. and get this done.. SEEK HELP!! YOU FUCKED!!!

    Posted on 12-28-2005 15:34:35 by mo
    omg……..r u guyz serious. all of you fuck nuggets need counsling. if u think that shit is cool….. then u should see my terds every second sunday of every month!

    Posted on 12-28-2005 17:06:35 by URFreaks
    wow you actually cut yourself? How fuckin stupid are you? That is totally disgusting. You seriously need some help if you do that kind of shit. This is obviously a forum for freaks I just happened to see this from a link that was making fun of this forum and now i see why. Its funny cause all of you freaks think that you are non-conformists when in reality you are because you conform to be non-conform, so basically you are fooling yourselves. Why the fuck would you do that to your body when its already fine how it is? I wish I could be there later in life to see when you finally regret doing that to yourself. Justr like most people do when they get tatoos and shit. They regret doing later in life.

    Posted on 12-29-2005 06:06:22 by wtf
    What would god say? -.-

    Posted on 12-29-2005 07:13:42 by Nakibar
    O_o; You can see Her “Lips.”

    Nonetheless, The Anchors are amazing.

    Posted on 12-29-2005 21:02:51 by WOW
    .. are u a fucking idiot u should go kill ur self u dumb fuck..god didnt give u that body to go and fuck it up wow. u should just take a gun and kill urself. if u ever have kids what do u think they would say when u tell them ..oo i was bored so i decided to slice my legs up like a fucking moron..i would want to live with someone knowing that they are that fucking ignorant… how can people say thats beautiful…it looks like she put her legs through a meet machine… and for all u fucking sickos that say ur dipressed and do it cause ur dipressed well fuck you u just want attention you fucking pussy need to weak up and tough it out ..i think you kind of people should just flat out be murdered….rememeber your here for a reason and that rteason is not to fuck up ur body.

    Posted on 12-30-2005 16:43:42 by sad sad man

    Posted on 12-30-2005 21:37:00 by 11111
    Wow Why the fucking hell would anyone consider doing that. OMFG I am going to go listen to dashboard and you nkow cut big anchor sin my fucking legs cuz I am aa goddamn idiot.

    Posted on 12-30-2005 21:57:29 by mikee
    why the fuck…
    fucking worthless fucks, its people that when have absolutely nothing to do/live for do these sorts of things. go outside, check out the world. worthless pieces of shit.

    Posted on 01-01-2006 08:27:57 by Sandy
    I Can See A Camel Toe ;)

    Posted on 01-16-2006 12:00:40 by Marie
    I don’t know why ignorant people are running around acting like this is the same as self mutilation. Tattoos fucking hurt too. Possibly a bit overstated, but it’s her body, and people need to get a fucking life and a fucking education and not judge things if they can’t see from someone else’s perspective. I also think it’s gorgeous.

    Posted on 01-18-2006 15:48:41 by jesus
    You have to be fucking retarded to scar your body like that. I truly don’t know how fucked up in the head or how fucked up you may believe yourself to be, since most alternative lifestyle people are phonies trying to hog attention out of boredom, you mess your body like that. Nice going doing dumb ass, just wait till you’re 60 and all your shit is wrinkled.

    Posted on 01-19-2006 22:53:55 by glider
    Wow, look what happens when non-BME folks access BME… And people wonder why I use the term “plainskins”… I forget sometimes how hard this stuff is to understand for people of mundane existence, and how fearfully and angrily they respond to that which they do not understand.

    Posted on 02-15-2006 09:22:20 by mike h
    why are people so angry? stop acting so fucking righteous and open your mind a little, you dont have to like it but but it would be nice if your posts werent just swearword filled rants colored by your own insecurities

  2. that looks great, love it, hows it coming along now? will we get to see healing pics??

  3. I am a ‘cleanskin’ (to use the expression used above), find the image a bit confronting, but I find the extreme reactions of anger and hatred hard to fathom. Images and discussion of cosmetic surgery do not receive such emotional and degrading feedback, even though that is just as much about altering one’s body. To my mind, cosmetic surgery is so much about conforming to sexist, narrow, oppressive body ideals that it is far more morally compromised than this kind of subversive and challenging body art. I find it repellent, but beautiful, scary, fascinating, all sorts of contradictory responses.

  4. stumbled on this site via a link through boing boing
    I have found myself having to click away quickly from some pages are they are far to “rude” for the like of me.

    However, I found this very disturbing but then I thought about it. Far too much for me to stomach but I am trying to be open minded.

    Don’t some maori and african tribes do something similar on thier faces? So are the people who do this kind of thing in the bush also “sick b******ds”?

    The thing is, ouch ouch ouch. Does it hurt like hell and does it hurt worse than a tatoo?

    Yours etc,
    a very old conservative lady, feeling quite shocked, trying to be open minded, with teenage daughters now freaking out and swearing to send them to convent school . . . .

  5. Hi again,
    you see, I can’t get this out of my head.
    There is this middle aged motherly part of me going, “O my poor dear . . why?” But I think that is because I am automatically equating it with self harm. I think this is why people come on here and freak out. Though the anger is a little hard to understand and is illogically unsympathetic if they truly believe the people to be suffering from mental ill health.
    The other thing that has me a bit surprised is the harping on about how rubbish various bits of body art will look when the person is 60 or so. Thing is, your body looks “rubbish” when you are 60 or so anyway – believe me :) – and so if you are shy about that sort of thing you are going to cover up anyway. So, in what way is ageing an issue?
    Anway, I am rambling. I will go and do some nice crochet and make some jam or something . . .

  6. ha. people are so silly. it hurt yes. why did i do it? i’ve been a cutter all my life. i’ve cut myself to bleed, i’ve cut myself to feel human.. and i was so ashamed of it. it’s been years since i stopped and as a testament to that achievement.. these are my beautiful scars, they hide the ugly ones that lie underneath on my thighs where i used to cut myself. i will never cut myself again.

    they’re part of the story of who i am, they’re part of the woman i’m growing up to become. some people call it mutilation.. and you know, that really is a matter of opinion. when i got these scars i was sober, i was in a clear state of mind and it was a consensual act. i am prepared to live with these for the rest of my days as a reminder of how far i’ve come from that little girl who used to hate herself.

    i find it funny that the morons who post in response to these pictures in a negative way can barely spell the simple words they’re trying to slam “sick people like me” with. get yourself an education and exercise the other half of your brain before you dare to judge anyone else.

  7. Errrmmm…..a lot of hating going on but really this picture is very striking, I really like how you can see many elements of the process around the newly finished end piece. Which is technically very accomplished, compared to some of the really shitty scars i’ve seen around. I also think that this is one of the best mods I have seen ever as some others are actually rank, like for example anything to do with the anus and doing stuff to it which IS horrible and probably a psychological problem! What I’m trying to say is please can we see how it ended up? I can’t find it anywhere! PLEASE!

  8. Amazing…… I keep coming across this picture in my research for a school art project and every time I see it it just blows me away. It is so neat and well done and I’m completely in love with this picture

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