Screw the mainstream!

Check out more fashion-ready photos of IAM:Reby on her page. The piercings you see were done by Alex at Triple X Tattoo in New York City, where Reby is currently apprenticing (and looking for volunteers) — before this she was a professional model, but as she says “my fixation with mods is probably going to get me kicked out of the mainstream.”

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4 thoughts on “Screw the mainstream!

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    Posted on 12-07-2005 20:06:54 by Ryan
    HMMMM Reby

    Posted on 12-07-2005 22:22:08 by alison
    looks like someone needs a ham sammich

    Posted on 12-07-2005 23:52:52 by Ryan
    HMM ham sammiches….lol

    Posted on 12-08-2005 22:20:32 by mmmmfood
    so beautiful but she does look like she could use a good home cooked meal.

    Posted on 12-08-2005 23:52:04 by Solanum
    yeah whatever her ribcage is fantastically shaped.

    Posted on 12-09-2005 02:05:29 by PiercedPirate
    Fantastically shaped, and disturbingly exposed. Oh well, I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating cookies.

    Posted on 12-09-2005 17:26:42 by Reby admirer
    aint a damn thing wrong with her body!!

    Posted on 12-11-2005 20:17:11 by ?
    besides the ribcage.

    Posted on 12-11-2005 20:33:12 by Reby admirer
    nope, everyone has a ribcage, i don’t find it ugly. plus, people may not be noticing that she is bent backwards, when you bend backwards it makes your ribcage protrude. if she was standing straight up, it wouldn’t be near as noticeable.

    Posted on 12-11-2005 21:41:51 by another reby admirer
    I think she looks great.

    Posted on 12-13-2005 22:14:45 by blammalamma
    oh well everyone knows you cant be a model without being a female with the body of a young boy.Aesthetically pleasing mods though.

    Posted on 12-14-2005 00:32:28 by blech
    Everyone knows, anorexic is hot!

    Posted on 12-14-2005 06:45:50 by rich lather
    needs a sammich

    Posted on 12-14-2005 12:55:54 by girl about to cum
    She’s just arching her back, not starved. But looking at her makes me hungry.::slides hands down pants::

    Posted on 12-14-2005 14:53:01 by richard
    what does this have to do with screwing the mainstream?

    i would like to screw the mainstream of her vagina

    Posted on 12-14-2005 20:41:49 by i hate attention whores
    Why would somebody this gorgeous pose for some shit like this? Maybe daddy didn’t pay enough attention to her when she was a kid.

    Posted on 12-15-2005 07:33:17 by Jeebus
    She is a bit on the thin side, but if you look at her arms and legs, they’re not disgustingly thin or anything. The body mods just make her all the more attractive… She can pierce me anywhere (I know I’d do the same to her…)

    Posted on 12-15-2005 19:34:13 by Beavis
    Get a better analysis of her body at

    Looks perfectly healthy to me. haha, I said anal.

    Posted on 12-16-2005 22:42:08 by schwabby
    to mr “i hate attention whores”; stop being an attention whore by blaming someone’s love for piercings on supposed “daddy issues.”
    and you really think she’s anorexic? sorry, i’ve never seen an anorexic stomach toned like that one. or maybe it’s not toned. either way, she’s a very attractive lay dee.

    Posted on 12-18-2005 15:22:07 by Nice
    I think she is hot! The nipple ring is sexy and not as extreme as some of the other girls ( LESS IS MORE PPL) Shes stretched out so I think her ribs are showing a little more, im sure if wasnt pulling her skin tight it wouldnt be as bad as it seems. Shes very beautiful!

    Posted on 01-23-2006 22:16:26 by Dr Cactus
    I think she looks good :D Bit more curve wouldn’t hurt, but I would still hit it.

    Posted on 04-15-2006 02:17:10 by almost
    Needs more boobie

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