Bad Girls in Tattoos

Four bad girls from the most recent set of BME submissions. Oh, and since it took me forever to figure out what the text at the bottom of the fourth image is, I’ll tell you that I’m 99% sure that it says “Innocence Lost, Never Recaptured.”

From left to right: Gangster Virgin Mary by Bob Lackner at Lark Tattoo, Megan’s Ruin by Sonju at Bloodlines Tattoo in San Rafael CA, Concealed Weapon by Matt Lapping at Inkwerx Tattoo in Hull, and Innocence Lost by Jerry Jaco in Cape Girardeau MO.

2 thoughts on “Bad Girls in Tattoos

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    Posted on 12-13-2005 18:16:48 by loli

    Posted on 12-17-2005 20:35:31 by scott edward
    it might be that i just love handguns, but gangster virgin mary is amazing.

    Posted on 03-24-2006 23:38:56 by gangsta_mary
    lat one looks like it was inked by a girl of the same age as the one in the picture, maybe that’s what they were going for?

  2. Tattoos are the ultimate sign of insecurity, there are few as high. Whenever someone does anything to flag attention to themselves (good or bad) is a result of insecurity, afterall if your happy with who and what you are there is no desire to draw attention to yourself.

    Tattoos are one of the few things that someone does solely for others. No one looks at there arm and says “boy that would look better with a picture of a skull with a dagger through it”, let’s face it, many tattoos are in places where the owner can’t even see it so it’s clear that it’s for others.

    It’s sad when people feel so insecure that they are willing to mark themselves for life simply to gain notice from others. Grow up people and Get Real

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