2 thoughts on “It is so a real sport!

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    Posted on 12-13-2005 10:25:41 by toxic_sunset
    I was just watching that on tv in the winter olympics. It looks so weird!

    Posted on 12-13-2005 16:07:06 by glowimperial
    Sure it’s a real sport. Is this an international logo that is used to represent curling, or is it a custom design?

    Posted on 12-15-2005 03:44:37 by besynnerlig
    i think it is a custom design…. like the little dude on the toilet signs secret hobby… heh

    Posted on 03-27-2006 02:18:57 by Candice
    Curling is one true sport, and you might think it looks easy, but it can be so damn hard, it is definitely not for pussies!

    Posted on 04-16-2006 21:53:45 by Kimberly
    I’m a curler in agreement that it’s definitely hard… And I’m getting a curling tattoo soon…I’ve seen a few, including one that two of the guys (who are great guys) on the US Olympic team have.

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