Death to Apple?

When I first saw this, I thought it was one of those ultra-rare anti-Apple tattoos, or maybe something inspired by the constant death tolls for them in the media. I was very wrong:

"This is the Apple logo melting away to the inner skull core. It symbolizes the Apple Pirate in me — while the outer core is a nice candy blue, the inner core is a black skull! I've been using Apple computers since the eighties with the Iie, and have always preferred it to other systems. Currently I do tech support for a College of Education."

One thought on “Death to Apple?

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    Posted on 03-24-2006 23:36:31 by pooryou
    apple sux, overpriced and underpowered, not that the lack of power can concern most apple-users, as most games and other demanding applications are windows/linux based.

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