Konami Tattoo

Since I just posted about an Electronic Arts / EA gaming tattoo, I thought I ought to also mention this Konami tattoo. Shawn writes,

"Ever since I was a young boy, I thought the Konami logo was one of the coolest symbols I had ever seen. The simplistic swipes and its meaning, 'little wave', were to me very stylistic and interesting to see. I'm in a band called Temp Sound Solutions, and as of now to this point, I've written five full albums of video game covers, a lot of them being from Konami games."

"A few years back, I lost a good friend of mine who I was mainly in touch with over the Internet. We were friends for years and years. Another friend wrote a record called 'Konami' that we both adored and my friend's initials were 'S.S.', which I thought was very similar to the Konami logo. I got these tattoos to commemorate my friend's life and our bond of the love for music."

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    Respect is due. We

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    Love S.S. + C.J.

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