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    Posted on 12-21-2005 12:29:14 by ammre
    it just sucks for people who have tattoos that mean a bunch to them and they thought that the lower back would be a nice place. Someone jokingly called my tattoo a tramp stamp and i nearly burned their ear off.
    though this picture is seeming to live up to it’s name.

    Posted on 12-21-2005 12:49:55 by DTM
    yes for most they are tramp stamps, but I think that really only counts with badly done butterflies, triabl and dolphins..lol
    Shit my gf has one but hers is just text that reads ” He Had It Coming” It was a special piece to signify her divorce with an abusive ex

    Posted on 12-21-2005 13:03:15 by Me
    Oh, god… why?

    I hope this photo will help convince others that tramp stamps are not the answer…

    Posted on 12-21-2005 16:33:07 by just my two cents….
    Not the answer to what? Tattoo’s are a personal form of art for which no one should be judged on. Tramp stamp or not. Humour is fine but condemnation as suggested by the above comment is not…

    Posted on 12-21-2005 20:43:03 by WickedPleasures
    Ummm…the tramp stamp was/is bad enough in and of itself. But she’s wearing her boy-cut panties BACKWARDS!

    Posted on 12-21-2005 21:23:56 by Me, again
    I have to agree with Wicked Pleasures. Im all for people getting what ever tattoo they want, but that means if a slut gets a tramp stamp, that isnt that pretty, and wants so show it off the way she does… well then she needs to accept the fact that she is going to get shit about. Now, if she had a creative tattoo, in a creative place, that really seems to mean something, then you can bet i would be the first person to say “good for you”. But its not. ITS A POORLY DONE TRAMP STAMP… but hey, thats just my two cents. and dont get me wrong. I hope she is very happy with her tattoo. but im not, and im pretty sure i have that right to say to all the girls out there.. PLEASE, please think about your tattoo BEFORE you get it, and please, think outside the tramp stamp.

    Posted on 12-21-2005 22:28:52 by BadlyDrawnGirl
    how do you know this girl is a “slut”?

    Just because she is wearing what she is wearing is no indication. She could be a tease. You never know.

    But anyways…

    I want the undies..

    Posted on 12-21-2005 22:31:25 by misplaced_ice
    What’s wrong with being a slut anyway?

    Posted on 12-21-2005 22:55:08 by Steve
    I aggree with MisPlaced_Ice 🙂 Sluts are good 🙂 lots of fun 🙂 most men are scared of sluts thats why they call them, scared they had bigger, better, badder men than them, so calling them a slut helps them deal with it :), me ? i think sluts are great, more open minded, try more shit, into some fun stuff.

    So all i need to do now is say Scuse me, can i check if you have a “Tramp Stamp”, coz i dig the sluts 🙂 ehehehe

    Posted on 12-21-2005 22:56:41 by Steve
    p.s. Can i have 1 for xmas please 🙂 (tramp stamp optional)

    Posted on 12-21-2005 23:08:08 by Me, again
    Hey, im not saying there is anything wrong with sluts… But if you are a slut, and you have a tramp stamp, i dont think you have any right to complain when people notice/ state the fact that you are a slut and that you do have a tramp stamp.

    P.S. I apologize for the run on sentence.

    Posted on 12-21-2005 23:41:31 by Ryan
    HMMMMMM Sluts

    Posted on 12-21-2005 23:43:23 by Eternal_Ice
    wait a sec, my first tat was on my lower back. This is the first I’ve heard of this Tramp Stamp thingie.

    Posted on 12-22-2005 04:55:20 by misplaced_ice
    Of course they have a right to complain.

    Talking about sluts:
    Text only.

    Posted on 12-22-2005 12:25:38 by epinephrine
    haha i like the undies…

    Posted on 12-22-2005 14:10:08 by BadlyDrawnGirl
    haha.. i had one friend in high school… that was 10 times better than the rest of them b/c she was a slut. She always had the best weekend stories. It was great. We are still friends now… both married with kids… and she STILL has the greatest stories.

    Posted on 12-22-2005 14:18:14 by dream3r
    i fail to see why people talk shit about a girl that likes her sex. now if she’s only sleeping around to get people to like her or because it would make the men she is with ‘happier,’ i can understand. otherwise, what’s wrong with a girl that likes a good time? double standards suck.

    Posted on 12-22-2005 17:06:29 by glider
    Nothing wrong with it at all from my point of view!

    Posted on 12-22-2005 23:49:09 by Steve
    Dream3r: they talk about it out of jealousy as they WANT tobe the one doing it and living it and having all the fun 🙂 IMO

    p.s. the intelligence thing keeps telling me i’m stupid 🙁 even tho i answer the question right hehehe, bloody computer even knows me 🙁

    Posted on 12-24-2005 18:30:32 by boucanier
    Props to Shannon for posting that, girls as stupid as this one need to be owned.

    Posted on 12-25-2005 22:45:22 by venusdiablo
    Pfft! Tramp stamp indeed. My dragon is a slag tag i’ll have you know!

    Posted on 12-27-2005 12:20:07 by R
    Absolutely, boucanier – women taking charge of their own sexual gratification need to be sent to a nunnery for the good of their mental health. Personally, I think it all went down the pan when you gave us the vote. Where’s my hysterectomy?

    Posted on 12-27-2005 19:53:23 by XxmexX
    hahahahha priceless.

    Posted on 01-04-2006 17:31:29 by Running
    tramp stamp. aka. california bumper sticker

    Posted on 01-05-2006 12:04:30 by loli
    “What’s wrong with being a slut anyway?”

    oh maybe a few things like disease… infections.

    Posted on 01-08-2006 17:55:10 by boucanier
    I was only commenting on the stupidity of the panties, not womens sexual rights. Way to blow things out of proportion.

    Posted on 01-09-2006 18:00:10 by Fragz
    So does any girl with a lower back tattoo qualify to having a ‘tramp stamp’? Because I have a lower back tattoo which is bigger than a small toonie sized butterfly and I wouldn’t consider it a ‘tramp stamp’ at all since I contemplated it for years and drew it myself.

    So I was wondering if there is a name for lame guys who get flash tribal or Kanji tattoos off the wall to make them feel like real men? Oh and I do apoligize for any people out there whose tribal or Kanji tattoos mean the world to them but my lower back tattoo means the world to me.

    And who are we to judge someone for their taste in body mods? There are plenty of tattoos I don’t care for that apparently some one drew themselves but I don’t wreck their thunder by telling them how ugly I think it is. I don’t always agree with the reasons why people get their body mods but what I agree with even less is how snobbish the modded community has become. Everyone wants to be accepted for who they are and wishes that body mods can become more widely accepted but when certain people they deem ‘unworthy’ or body mods because they are not as different or unique as others. Well people, you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    And I do not put any blame on Shannon for posting this. The photo is indeed pretty funny but the comments that come after it show just as much prejudice for a fellow modded person as non-modded people sometimes give to the modded community. Instead of being biggoted and elitist, we should stand together to try and make a more equal world.

    Posted on 01-10-2006 01:14:48 by boucanier
    Fragz, I call guys with lame flash tribal and kanji tattoos douch bags. I just think making fun of people, including myself, is funny.

    Posted on 01-10-2006 01:15:29 by boucanier

    Posted on 01-10-2006 22:36:20 by Fragz
    Ok, so I agree that it is funny to make jokes a oneself and other people but lately I have heard lots of people commenting on other people’s mods in a negative way and it isn’t meant to be funny. I guess the problem with typing on the net is that you can’t hear ones tone to tell if they are serious or not. But I just thought I would post my views anyway because I believe that all people have the right to be modified and uncriticized. Even I sometimes think “oh yeah, here’s another little cheerleader type with a butterfly tattoo” or even “the skater punks who all have their lips pierced” but I keep any comments to myself because I don’t know those people and their reasons for getting a mod. But thank you for your nice comment (I was wondering if I was going to get trashed lol).

    Posted on 01-10-2006 23:42:11 by boucanier
    Posting a picture of yourself on a largely public site is subjecting yourself to the opinion it’s users. If you would be embaressed of a picture, or any comments that might go with it, don’t submit it.

    Posted on 01-15-2006 22:45:49 by Fragz
    Ok I know that in North America, we apparently have the right for freedom of speech and that people are always going to say comments about everything. I was just saying I was a little disappointed in people’s elitist views towards other modded people. I am not attacking the fact that something was said but the view that was being expressed. I just hope that one day any modded person who judges another person’s mods gets stopped in the street by someone who thinks they are a freak. Because maybe then, people’s attitudes might change a little when they don’t like it. Think what you want and say what you want but don’t bitch and whine when people without body modifications judge people with when there are plenty of those with who still judge others.

  2. TRAMP STAMP – Its like a target! A few years down the road, all the chicks are gonna be like, “What the hell was I thinking?” That’s right boys and girls- its fun to dress and behave like a prostitute- girl power!

  3. I came here to research my next painting. My work is very research- oriented. Immediately, I felt inexplicably shocked and appalled by the statements and views I have found here. It has become overwhelmingly clear to me that our current collective sexual politics are in dire need of examination.

  4. And, boucanier, don’t act so dumb as to try to make people believe that you didn’t know what can of worms you were opening

  5. I really couldn’t give a toss about women’s sexual behaviour, perceived or otherwise.

    Whatever you want to call them, “tramp stamps” are one almighty C-L-I-C-H-E.

    That slogan t-shirt I bought a few years ago, I thought it was pretty cool. I saw a few people wearing it. I was OK with that. 6 months on, everyone seemed to have one. It had got overdone and boring. I chucked the t-shirt away.

    Tattoo removal isn’t quite so easy. Just don’t do it.

  6. Not sure why this is on ModBlog…it’s a mediocre tramp stamp tattoo.

    Whoever said she’s wearing those boy shorts backwards…no she’s not. Some boy shorts are made to be “cheeky”. Why are so many people in an uproar over what others think about her tattoo? We’re judged on outward appearances and whatever you may want to think, EVERYONE has prejudices. Nobody can look around at others and have NO preconceived notions about that person.

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