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Everyone loves animal tattoos, right? In terms of tattoo iconography’s ancient (as in caveman) roots, the first tattoos were medical and spiritual in nature, followed not long afterwards by drawings of animal (I don’t think we know if they were totemic or decorative).

Let’s start with a little animal — these are IAM:thouarttheman40‘s rat footprints by Mike Zimmer at Lake Monster Tattoo in South Lake Tahoe, CA.

Conceptually, I also like this flock of birds by Mato at Dunajska in Bratislava, Slovakia, although I have the feeling this might be one of those tattoo that looks a little better in photos than it does in person for graphic design reasons.

This pitbull portrait is sweet as well, done by Dennis at Big Joe and Son’s Tattooing in Yonkers, NY.

Finally, I’ve been wondering if the movie hit March of the Penguins would leave us with a whole lot more penguin tattoos. It’s not as if they’re unpopular as is. Anyway, I hope so.

This one is by Dave Cutlip at Explosive Tattoo in Salibury, MD. Their IAM name (the person with the tattoo, not Dave) won’t surprise you: penguinkelp.

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2 thoughts on “Animal Tattoo Miscellany

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    Posted on 12-21-2005 12:15:02 by Elaine
    Why’s the last one all scratched up? Ouch!

    Posted on 12-21-2005 12:18:24 by glider
    The last one is still in progress… It’s not scratched up, just red from being fresh.

    Posted on 12-21-2005 13:09:04 by astrosnik
    I love the pitbull, definately one of the best animal portrait tattoos I’ve seen yet.

    Posted on 12-21-2005 14:36:57 by Elaine
    Oh. Just streaks from wiping? I thought all the marks on the periphery were scratches.

    I like the rat tracks :)

    Posted on 12-21-2005 18:07:22 by LostSally
    Looks Painful!!!
    But HOT!!!!

    Posted on 12-21-2005 23:35:55 by IBeatBitches
    aww I love the rat tracks!

    Posted on 01-04-2006 02:33:28 by has adopted some of my rats :)


    heehee thouarttheman40 has adopted some of my rats :)


    Posted on =right>Holly Golightly

    by”>Holly Golightly
    Holly Golightly


    Posted on 01-15-2006 13:01:48 by Meghan
    I’ve seen that penguin before.

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