Chicks Dig Need Scars

Since I’ve started now, furthering the theory that “Shannon is a bad, bad man”, I will now make the confession that I find scars like this incredibly attractive… I’ve always been drawn to marred beauty — I think the vulgarity of the scar on top of otherwise pristine flesh brings out something that’s otherwise hidden. Yes, I also have a J.G. Ballard-esque car crash fetish.

Thanks to a revenant for the photo (and the 14ga sternum piercing is by Matt at Mystic in Crofton, MD).

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3 thoughts on “Chicks Dig Need Scars

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    Posted on 01-14-2006 23:38:44 by
    they are attractive.. but you have to worry about wether or not the person will take it to the next step.

    I do find it intriging though.

    *Sorry if i mispelled anything.

    Posted on 01-15-2006 02:12:00 by heliophobe
    I agree, that is very attractive. It’s kind of like shading marks or something,

    Posted on 01-15-2006 02:14:25 by Steve
    Why can hear shannon saying “I’m a baaaad baaad man” in a nicholas cage kinda gone in 60 seconds fashion hehehe

    Posted on 01-15-2006 05:30:18 by jules
    me. i can hear it.

    Posted on 01-15-2006 05:52:35 by Psychosis
    oh dear lord!! I was thinking the exact same thing!! I just couldnt think from where though…

    an shannon your not a bad man, angels been fucked from behind(prev modblog) an this dont make you a bad man, now liking the darkness! that…im sorry that would make you a bad man…haha sorry just they came on the radio, an they suck so badly…

    anyways, I love the scars on her breasts, I personally dont dig too many scars, so I dont like her belly too much, but each to his own…

    I really love that…is it sternum piercing? the one between her breasts, thats nice..

    Posted on 01-15-2006 13:27:19 by randomspectator
    Hm…the scarred belly makes me feel uneasy for some reason I can’t quite explain, but her breasts and sternum piercing look really good.

    But obviously, it’s all my own little opinion.

    Shannon, it’s a good theory to further :p

    Posted on 01-15-2006 16:48:20 by verucassault
    Agreed with an above commentator – pretty in the way of shading marks in a comic book, or some such. I like.

    Posted on 01-16-2006 02:11:43 by loli
    i’ll remember that about my appendectomy scar.

    Posted on 01-16-2006 11:43:17 by M
    it seems a lot of the comments dont realise this isent scarification it’s self-injury, they’re not ment to be attractive, the purpose is to release pain

    Posted on 01-16-2006 12:35:27 by glider
    Lots of things that aren’t meant to be attractive are beautiful as a byproduct. An obvious example would be a healthful diet and exercise — the goal isn’t beauty, but it’s still one of the results.

    Posted on 01-16-2006 14:42:03 by randomspectator
    M, how can you be sure that these scars are meant in a self-injurous way?

    Posted on 01-16-2006 15:52:02 by M
    should first mention im a self-injurer, and very involved in that community for years…they look like self-injury scars

    by the look on her face and the mention of prozac on her page it’s clear she has depression problems and that tends to lead to cutting as a release, it doesnt look at all like anything other than self-injury

    Posted on 01-16-2006 17:29:22 by CS Williams
    But just because it’s SI (I do it too) doesn’t mean it’s not meant to be beautiful as well. I agree it definatley looks like SI scars, but maybe she thinks they make her look pretty too. I think they’re beautiful and add a meaning that not everyone gets.

    Posted on 01-16-2006 17:33:21 by a revenant
    i suppose that this would be the appropriate time to step in and confirm that my cutting is mainly self-injurious.

    i battle with major depression and hurting myself has often been an outlet for the feelings that i don’t have words for.

    i do, however, find an aesthetic beauty to wounds (self-inflicted and otherwise) and my mood can be determined by the style in which i harm myself (uniform slashes, words, etc.).

    hope this helped to clear things up.

    i also want to let everyone know that i don’t condone this behavior, but i have to say that it has been less dangerous in comparison to other coping mechanisms (both short and long term)that i’ve utilized.

    Posted on 01-16-2006 23:17:23 by loli
    i think everyone realized these were self-injury scars. they’re scars nonetheless no matter what reason they’re there for.

    Posted on 01-17-2006 18:46:17 by me
    I look at those scars and all I feel is sadness. I’ve been there. It’s not fun. At least it wasn’t for me. I suppose I’m glad though that “marred beauty” can be considered attractive. There is something rather alluring about the darker side of life.

    Posted on 01-19-2006 22:03:48 by .
    actually.. a lot of people who cut.. WILL tell you that they find the scratches/scars beautiful in their own way..

    but then again.. the same amount of people will probably tell you they feel shame/regret about those same cuts/scars..

    Posted on 01-22-2006 11:35:30 by emma
    they look real nice

  2. Matt did a good job on the sternum but i have to ask: If you’re going to credit one piercing than why not all of them? This girl is a regular at my (and Matt, and 7 other piercers) shop and I pierced her vertical labret. I think is suits her well, at least better than most. I think its time that Mystic Piercing in Crofton, MD got the recognition it deserves for doing badass piercings like this on a daily basis.

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