Six Point Suspension Painting

Done by IAM:ButterflyGhost in gouache paints.

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2 thoughts on “Six Point Suspension Painting

  1. The following comments were imported from our old comment system:

    Posted on 01-22-2006 23:17:42 by korpus
    i put that in the “my art” section

    Posted on 01-22-2006 23:21:20 by A.
    my art???
    my ass

    Posted on 01-22-2006 23:22:36 by b
    art is always a problem to talk about.
    for example
    i dont like this at all……

    Posted on 01-22-2006 23:24:56 by C!
    that sucks

    Posted on 01-22-2006 23:27:45 by abc
    a b c i understand you all.
    but can we be a little more positive¿¿
    i mean someone try to make something beauty.
    not that i like it, but the intention is good.

    Posted on 01-22-2006 23:31:36 by Che
    i refuse to hang this painting in my house
    but positive!

    Posted on 01-23-2006 03:18:15 by Skip3s
    I like it; I’d hang it in my living room, would definitely make an interesting discussion piece.

    Posted on 01-23-2006 06:40:13 by misplaced_ice
    I like it too.
    I’d totally hang it in my living room.

    Posted on 01-23-2006 10:45:26 by CS Williams
    I don’t have a living room, and I’m not much for actually decorating things, but I do really like it.

    Posted on 01-23-2006 11:40:50 by ButterflyGhost
    i kinda like the negative comments, thanks. personally, i dont like it too much, and i painted it. but hey, its on modblog, woop.

    Posted on 01-23-2006 14:57:25 by anonymous
    Your like or dislike of a piece of art really does not determine its value. The fact that it elicits a response makes it powerful.

    Posted on 01-23-2006 23:10:06 by BadlyDrawnGirl
    I really like it. It would make an interesting discussion… specially when my grandparents would come over.

    Eh, i think its beautiful.

    Posted on 01-30-2006 13:59:54 by Got another pile of it here
    I think its shit….

    Posted on 02-03-2006 00:30:38 by Z

    Posted on 02-08-2006 17:13:24 by unknown
    howdy, your painting great, all the people who say otherwise are weirdos and the smell, realy i can smell them from here

  2. RE:Posted on 01-30-2006 13:59:54 by Got another pile of it here
    I think its shit….

    grow up! you probebly couldnt do better.

    someone tried hard to paint that. your just rude

    and unartistic

    and narrowminded

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