Ken Karnage vs DTM

Here’s a facial scarification video of DTM working on Ken Karnage, both of Amazing Grace Tattoo in Geneva, NY. Getting your face cut, at least for me, is a really strange experience. It feels different (I think) than work on other parts of the body, both physically (for me it was “scratchier” feeling, sharp but coarse, and I could also really feel and hear the blade cutting through hair follicles) and mentally as well it’s different because you know that even if the cutting is “for you”, it’s going to affect, perhaps radically, the way the outside world sees you.

DivX download link for BME members: Extreme2 or Full members


By the way, in terms of “what you want to see on ModBlog“, do you want to see videos posted regularly, or do you prefer photo content more? Let me know what you like.

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5 thoughts on “Ken Karnage vs DTM

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    Posted on 01-25-2006 15:52:57 by q0p
    I would like more pics than videos, my ‘puter dont like windows media files =/

    Posted on 01-25-2006 15:55:02 by glider
    If there’s enough interest I can dual render to both quicktime and wmv/divx/etc. files?

    Posted on 01-25-2006 16:08:49 by silver
    That would be awesome

    Posted on 01-25-2006 16:26:03 by Buttons
    I much prefer pictures because sometimes at work i cant always watch videos but both are appreciated.

    Posted on 01-25-2006 16:54:59 by Leeanne
    I like the cool pictures better, m’self. I’ll watch a particular video if it strikes my fancy, but mostly I’m in it for the pics.

    Posted on 01-25-2006 16:55:06 by shamos mcbundy
    I prefer the videos, I just find it more interesting to see the actual procedure, rather than just the end result.

    Posted on 01-25-2006 17:03:12 by azripal
    Pictures for me. I can’t be bothered to open videos.

    Posted on 01-25-2006 17:06:44 by Ghostie
    I like the pictures, I usually don’t look at the videos too much.

    Posted on 01-25-2006 17:08:19 by camilafs
    I prefer pics :)

    Posted on 01-25-2006 17:13:40 by boucanier
    I like pictures and videos. Some piercing would be nice.

    Posted on 01-25-2006 17:14:12 by boucanier
    piercing videos*

    Posted on 01-25-2006 17:20:27 by Karnage
    Check my page for pics.
    Maybe we’ll do some piercing videos. We have multiple suspensions coming up this weekend, so we’ll film the whole process for you kids.

    Posted on 01-25-2006 17:21:23 by blackwell

    Posted on 01-25-2006 17:22:40 by iamkevin
    I love both videos and pictures….I enjoy videos over pictures tho

    Posted on 01-25-2006 17:47:58 by tattoosonmywang
    Pics and vids

    Posted on 01-25-2006 18:09:54 by Orchestra Influenza
    I enjoy seeing both here on ModBlog!

    Posted on 01-25-2006 18:13:42 by BadlyDrawnGirl

    Posted on 01-25-2006 18:21:04 by DTM
    Pics and Vids.. and Tattoos Of Chicks with Big Boobs and Guns!!!!!

    Posted on 01-25-2006 18:26:09 by LW

    Posted on 01-25-2006 18:39:50 by AXU
    Yeah, I like vids and pics, but wish the vids were in diff. format…. I’d have to agree with DTM, wooo, boobs….. and guns…tattoos..

    Posted on 01-25-2006 19:04:42 by Nigid
    I like photos more but more videos would be cool too!

    Ps. I love that song!

    Posted on 01-25-2006 19:14:48 by HollywoodPiercer
    I prefer iamges when I am out on a wireless signal. Land line is when I grab the videos. What I dont like is grabbing a calculator everytime I have to verify my comments ;)

    Posted on 01-25-2006 19:16:14 by kara
    im for the pics.

    Posted on 01-25-2006 19:16:31 by Automutilation
    I think there’s a definate plus to video’s but it should be a treat, not a constant.

    Posted on 01-25-2006 19:17:42 by Ailia
    pictures, videos either 1) take too long to open or 2) don’t open at all. stupid computer.

    Posted on 01-25-2006 19:23:01 by jules
    pics good. vids aight.

    Posted on 01-25-2006 19:46:47 by craig
    pictures are great (and you’ve got good taste in what pictures to post), but i do really like the videos. though i would appreciate them in quicktime rather than wmv.

    Posted on 01-25-2006 20:30:44 by coiffed
    I like the combination you have now, mostly pictures, but once in a while *gasp* there’s a video! They’re very interesting to watch, and I like that they’re sort of a treat once in a while :) don’t spoil us!!

    Posted on 01-25-2006 20:43:46 by ciderspiller
    videos are cool now and again… But windows media suck. Quick Time works much better. I love ModBlog, Keep it up! :)

    Posted on 01-25-2006 20:53:32 by Liz
    I prefer the pictures–I never watch the videos. (I also agree that more boobs would be nice.)

    Posted on 01-25-2006 21:20:10 by quinnnchick
    I like the pics better. but a video here and there is also nice.

    Posted on 01-25-2006 21:27:57 by broken_wings
    I prefer photos, simply because the videos would take 230498273576 years to load properly onto my computer. Dial up sucks!

    Posted on 01-25-2006 21:52:06 by j.
    personally I prefer pics to videos…

    Posted on 01-25-2006 21:59:30 by CS Williams
    I go for pics most of the time, with a vid tossed in every couple weeks or something. These have been great, seeing the inside work of scarification and branding.

    Posted on 01-25-2006 22:13:24 by misplaced_ice

    Posted on 01-25-2006 22:32:26 by glider
    Ok, the general consensus seems to be “post pictures most of the time, videos as a treat”. No worries then, since that’s what I’m doing as is!

    Posted on 01-25-2006 22:37:24 by sepulture
    ilu shannon.

    Posted on 01-26-2006 10:42:29 by TheGirlNextDoor
    i like pics, and hey, what about some hot tattooed guys for once?

    Posted on 01-30-2006 13:50:12 by Hockey guy
    I like Hockey

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