Mastitis Waiting To Happen

I won’t out the piercer that did this, but I really have to say that I feel that deep nipple piercings like this on women are reckless and irresponsible. If you see something like this in a portfolio, avoid that studio — see: BME encyclopedia entry on mastitis — it is incredibly easy for a female breast infection to travel inward and do permanent damage very quickly. Don’t take this warning lightly.

One thought on “Mastitis Waiting To Happen

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    Posted on 01-25-2006 23:06:22 by c0rrosion
    perhaps it’s not meant to be a permanent piercing, and it was just done for aesthetics and will be removed…? we can only hope, i guess.

    Posted on 01-25-2006 23:06:38 by Eternal_Ice
    That’s pretty scary stuff…

    Posted on 01-25-2006 23:24:16 by Ghostie

    Posted on 01-26-2006 00:29:49 by hyacinthetic
    my nipple piercing was done too deep.. it never healed.. had to take it out after a year.. thankfully, I didn’t suffer anything horrible.

    Posted on 01-26-2006 00:34:59 by pain yes, agony no
    for all the limited study ive done of the human body, it could also be noted that some of us men (lucky arent we) could also develop mastitis if our hormones are on the fritz.

    but i do agree, this is “ouch” material. should imagine the amount of emla used, breast tissue is very thick

    Posted on 01-26-2006 00:41:31 by instigator
    Y’know, when Shannon Larratt tells you something is “reckless and irresponsible”, you should probably listen to him. 🙂

    Posted on 01-26-2006 10:03:36 by .
    yes, coming from a man who puts toxic magnents inside his body that can turn skin black – if he says “bad”…..

    Posted on 01-26-2006 20:25:41 by !!
    zomg! toxic magnents!?!?!

    Posted on 01-26-2006 21:19:10 by Pinky
    …now thats just retarded

    Posted on 01-26-2006 22:28:53 by NewfieChick
    Wow, that just looks painful. I didn’t take to having my nipples pierced the normal way very well…that picture made me shudder just thinking about doing that.

    Posted on 01-26-2006 23:28:57 by .
    he pierced her TIT. omfgz. this couldn’t have been a botched nipple, could it? like, that placement was on purpose, wasn’t it?

    Posted on 01-26-2006 23:40:35 by outmywindow
    Asthetically, I actually like it. However, knowing how dangerous it is I certainly wouldn’t recommend her keeping that, no matter how cool/different it looks…

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