Not so innocent, are we?

So assuming you don’t find genital piercings to be particularly close to the borders of kink — or at least perceive the experience of having the piercing done as about as erotic as a visit to the doctor — the photo below probably won’t seem that odd to you. That is, until you look at what’s around her neck and the not-quite-a-blanket “safety blanket” she’s clutching.

One thought on “Not so innocent, are we?

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    Posted on 02-07-2006 20:34:11 by randomspectator
    Oh I’m going to hell, no doubt about it…

    Posted on 02-08-2006 00:19:25 by Eternal_Ice
    We are all going to hell and Shannon is our leader.

    Posted on 02-08-2006 01:10:46 by L
    As long as he holds a Modcon in Hell, that is all I ask.

    Posted on 02-08-2006 01:58:26 by dilbert
    Hmm, I’m not to sure that looking at the picture is enough to condemn you to eternal damnation, but that’s just me talking.

    Posted on 02-08-2006 04:04:00 by sandra

    Posted on 02-08-2006 11:53:12 by ukwherewolf
    i cant wait to meet you in hell

    Posted on 02-08-2006 20:29:05 by sneezy
    did anyone think that could be her way of the new age contrition ( i. e. the act of beating ones self due to there sins to humble ones self in the eyes of the catholic god) lol wondering did she pray the rosary and do her hail mary’s and her our farters

    Posted on 02-08-2006 23:05:25 by adsafasfasfafasfasf
    she looks like she needs some creme for that muff in

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