This is probably not a good idea?

But I have friends with funny kinks, and I like to share the pictures here. This is effervescent pill play… I can’t tell you that this isn’t profoundly unhealthy, but at the same time, I can’t tell you that it’s a bad idea with any certainty… I can tell you though that she’s fine, so the experiment was a success I suppose?

5 thoughts on “This is probably not a good idea?

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    Posted on 03-15-2006 22:47:22 by Question Mark?
    I’m confused? What am I looking at?

    Posted on 03-15-2006 23:29:54 by t
    is it just me or is that an airborne being dropped in a speculum-opened pussy?

    Posted on 03-15-2006 23:39:17 by __:.
    That’s what it looks like to me, t. Took me a second to figure out. Wow…..that’s a new one. It must be odd fetish day for me…first paintkakke linked on boingboing, now pussyseltzer.

    Posted on 03-16-2006 00:09:02 by theredjesus
    that paintkakke fulfilled about 80% of my dreams in one shot

    Posted on 03-16-2006 00:14:22 by Kendra
    That doesn’t look particularly comfortable…

    Posted on 03-16-2006 03:02:45 by astrosnik
    Haven’t they been doing that with Poprocks for years? (and now Pocket breathstrips o_O)

    Posted on 03-16-2006 04:15:42 by c0rrosion
    if it’s one of those fizzy vitamin C tabs, that will throw the ph of her vagina all out of whack, resulting in a yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, and/or a urinary tract infection. and if there’s any sugar in those things, it’s pretty much asking for a yeast infection. but regardless of what’s in the fizzy, it’s almost certainly a bad idea…

    Posted on 03-16-2006 09:48:01 by someone
    looks like a bad idea to me as well…. and is anyone else concerned that the normal clear fizzy you get from an effervescent tablet is like…. yellow then green?

    red flag right there

    Posted on 03-16-2006 10:26:36 by Sade
    i’d be really soncerned about the fact that it’s frizzling up yellow-green,but it could be the fact that it’s mixing with blood.

    Posted on 03-16-2006 13:29:22 by sneezy
    yeah it most certianly looks like there is blood in that there vagina and for sure it does not look like the greatest idea but if it make her happy, she will make sure her doc has a steady pay check

    Posted on 03-16-2006 14:56:01 by gonzo
    That has to be one of the most ill-advised things I’ve ever seen.

    A vagina and a stomach aren’t the same thing.

    Posted on 03-16-2006 16:05:28 by jackpot
    hahahahahahaha, oh man! That would be the weirdest feeling EVER!

    Posted on 03-16-2006 16:24:55 by Lauren
    Just looking at that made me clamp my legs together.. Surely not the best thing to do to yourself.. but everyone to their own.

    Posted on 03-16-2006 17:40:36 by Jets
    I’m not sure I understand the blood? I hope she just has her period.

    Posted on 03-16-2006 17:58:50 by t.thomas
    well at least its tingly clean..?

    Posted on 03-16-2006 18:33:45 by .
    that looks cool…sure it may pose problems, but so do douches…
    very interesting!

    Posted on 03-18-2006 22:41:34 by shadman
    I’ll assume this is Airborne being used and the yellow and green colors are the different flavors they have. One is citrus-y orange, the other is lime-y green. So I’m thinking this is two different takes/experiments.

    Posted on 03-19-2006 04:26:37 by prude
    Gosh. I hate to sound so provincial, but still: I wish never to get so bored that I need sometyhing like that to get my kicks. Really.

    Posted on 03-19-2006 14:45:39 by Ian
    I don’t want my goulash any more 🙁

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