That changed the course of the interview!

As I was interviewing one of my BME friends for my new book, he did this penectomy on himself (by surprise)… There are full sized photos (and lots more) in the update that’ll arrive either later tonight or tomorrow morning (we’re moving the server right now).

Going… Going… Gone!

Sorry to cover these pictures in text and cheap DRM, but any time I post something like this some eBaum-type jackass comes, steals the photos, edits in their own url over ours, and then use it to sell whatever ads their serving whilst ridiculing it…

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Shannon Larratt is the founder of BME (1994) and its former editor and publisher. After a four year hiatus between 2008 and 2012, Shannon is back adding his commentary to ModBlog. It should be noted that any comments in these entries are the opinion of Shannon Larratt and may or may not be shared by LLC or the other staff or members of BME. Entry text Copyright © Shannon Larratt. Reproduced under license by LLC. Pictures may be copyright to their respective owners. You can also find Shannon at Zentastic or on Facebook.

66 thoughts on “That changed the course of the interview!

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    Posted on 03-18-2006 23:01:44 by kt
    what is the yellow tube looking thing in the last photo? maybe i just don’t know anatomy well enough.

    Posted on 03-18-2006 23:30:55 by narfette
    yeah i was wondering the same thing! i mean.. last i checked there were no bones in the penis, unless i’ve been wrong for the past 22 years..

    Posted on 03-18-2006 23:48:29 by j.
    looks like it’s a catheter in the urethra…to help him urinate during the procedure/healing.

    Posted on 03-19-2006 00:00:22 by fre_k
    I agree with j. just to help him urinate.

    Posted on 03-19-2006 01:28:25 by narfette
    aaaah, that makes more sense..

    Posted on 03-19-2006 01:34:00 by Fuzz
    For some reaon I thought it was bone.
    that REALLY freaked me out.
    only the third picture

    Posted on 03-19-2006 01:46:57 by me
    i dont understand, why anyone would want to do that?

    Posted on 03-19-2006 03:56:05 by I
    Mental disorder would be my guess.

    Posted on 03-19-2006 04:15:15 by eggtea
    okay, seriously?
    he’s just killing him self slowly.
    that will make him depressed (unless he’s transgender male to female)
    he will most likely become suicidal, and with in 2-3 yrs i bet he’ll suceed in killing him self totaly, if not mentaly.

    srry hun but it does’nt make you hardcore it makes you severly stupid.

    Posted on 03-19-2006 05:31:01 by dream3r
    oh….wow….just, wow…

    Posted on 03-19-2006 07:18:03 by jOELTRON
    I don’t think I totally agree with you there eggtea. I mean, hes just doing what he thinks of his normality. I totally don’t get why he would and I honestly found it a little sickening at the thought of that being my peenie. But fuck, if it makes him happy – let it be. Even if he has BDD, I’m sure he put a lont of thought into it. Not as though he’s cutting my dick off.

    On a side note, I can only assume that the tube would have to be inserted pre-cutting. Props to that deep sounding action.

    Posted on 03-19-2006 08:50:36 by peejay
    what i’m wondering about is this part: (by surprise)

    what part of this was a surprise? whoooo was he surprising? himself or shannon? :x

    Posted on 03-19-2006 08:51:53 by glider
    By the way, as to all the “why” questions, get the new book when it comes out!

    Posted on 03-19-2006 10:41:44 by huh?
    wow…these pictures really screwed up my morning.

    Posted on 03-19-2006 10:49:07 by penski
    New Book. Now. Must Have New Book.


    Posted on 03-19-2006 11:36:30 by Ballpain
    This is awesome! Many have this desire at fantasy level (Myself included) I am sure this guy wanted it for years. Great stuff, and YES, this will be another book that is a must have from Shannon!

    Posted on 03-19-2006 14:26:31 by Sade
    is it wrong that i found this really nice?

    Posted on 03-19-2006 17:02:45 by joshua
    eggtea, i severely doubt that he’s doing this to be hardcore (note the lack of boldfaced text tattoo ;)).

    seriously, those are some amazing shots!

    Posted on 03-19-2006 20:23:32 by Detroit Dolly
    wouldnt you go into shock or something? loss of blood? how do you go about removing an organ while conscious and doing it yourself?

    Posted on 03-19-2006 21:10:14 by coiffed
    I find myself constantly surprised with myself, not in asking myself the question “why would someone want to cut off their penis?” so much as wanting to meet the type of person who is interested in this sort of procedure, because that would be a conversation of a lifetime (as evident in this interview being in the new book). I find myself asking the question “What kind of person would willingly cut off a body part with tattoo work on it?” I can’t imagine parting with any of my tattoo work…

    Posted on 03-20-2006 01:55:11 by VeganZombie
    Coiffed: I agree with you totally!! There’s a tiny irrational part of me that dosen’t want any extremities tattooed just in case… ::shifty eyes::

    Posted on 03-20-2006 03:59:19 by 5am
    that is so incredibly gross and so so awesome at the same time. man, i love this site.

    Posted on 03-20-2006 16:23:55 by Adrian
    …….christ above us

    Posted on 03-20-2006 16:43:28 by nana
    aside from all that… what is he going to do with his penis?
    I think he has a nice looking peter. :)

    Posted on 03-20-2006 16:53:44 by Andrew
    “Had,” nana.

    Posted on 03-20-2006 17:47:11 by penski

    That ain’t the same guy is it…? ;)


    Posted on 03-20-2006 19:41:33 by Osmosis
    My eyes hurt.

    Posted on 03-20-2006 20:10:47 by Martin
    ide love to contact this guy, anyone know who he is?
    Shannon, when is the new book available?

    Posted on 03-20-2006 22:51:31 by tokyowars
    lol penski! Funny story. Only one problem with it. The Dr. says “as long as it is put on ice”, if this was/is done then the tissue will be damaged. It needs to be put in a bag partially filled with air first before being put on ice so that the tissue does not sustain freezer burn. Hmmm…you’d think a doctor would be aware of this…

    Posted on 03-20-2006 23:15:51 by AmericanCaesar
    Hmmm… dunno, then.

    Posted on 03-21-2006 00:54:53 by outmywindow
    tokyowars: I get the impression that the doctor was simply shortening his explanation, ie using “put on ice” as a figure of speech here.

    Posted on 03-21-2006 05:03:25 by tokyowars
    Could be, but I’ve been to some pretty shonky doctors…either way, funny story :)

    Posted on 03-21-2006 16:27:05 by anon
    Very dangerous. Could lead to systemic infection.

    Posted on 03-22-2006 00:21:09 by etoile
    eggtea – The vast majority of MTF people who want surgery don’t do it themselves. If they do, it is related to BDD – not the fact that they are MTF.

    Posted on 03-22-2006 10:15:57 by Jimmeh
    Hey nana, I’m sure he’ll send it to you if you ask. Maybe it could be part of some kind of Van Gogh type love letter. :D

    Posted on 03-22-2006 15:15:23 by just me
    Looks like me someone did a tuck. the skin is pulling the wrong way for where the bands are, dont believe me try it. Where are the testicles? I know most testis dont have a 5 o clock shadow.

    Posted on 03-22-2006 18:49:23 by ManWithVagina
    That’s amazing and fun!

    Posted on 03-23-2006 07:08:49 by mishka
    I want to see him re-attach it!

  2. hmm almost everybody considers that grose but honnestly … I don’t ! I’m twenty and at my current age I wouldnt do that … I have a lot of sex to have yet but honneslty when I’m 60 years old I probably will consider a penectomy or a full split of my penis becaus I like the vsual of it …

  3. there’s the most thrilling pictures, i have seen today;
    it goes through and through and my two halfcocks (splitted until the half of shaftlength) are cribbling!
    it’s pity for this cock, what a good game-tool!
    before cutting off the whole, he was able to make any other cuttingacts with him: cutting length in two or four thinn cocks;
    it’s really pitty but exciting pictures and act!

  4. there are pictures!!
    I always have to look on their -fascinating and exciting!
    My cock is cribbling by seeing this adventure.
    What a nice, strong cock. What will you do with him?
    A crazy souvenier!!! Wouhhh!!!

  5. Well, I’m overwhelmed by all your reactions, thank you!
    If there’s anything you want to know, please ask.

  6. how dit you cut? was it very painfull? when i had splitted my cock, i often wasn’t feeling some pain (beeing very excited), only in the nerv-knotes it was horrible! But what a Feeling and satisfaction when i was through the knotes, after them it was going wonderfull very easy, to cut through the cock-meat!! What a eperience!!!
    How a feeling, when you had your cutted off cock in your hand??
    I think, i had him suckled and soft chewed, you also??
    To Slid on his owen glans and cock, wouhhhh!!! How you storage your cock? How was the healing?
    How you can stimulate now to splash?
    What we make in the sauna or at the nudists beach. I still dosn’t have a way or answer?!

  7. the cutting was rather easy, well, I’ve thought it over and over for a long time. My dick was already fairly numb cos of all the years I’d been banding it. With some numb gel there was no pain. But the experience was wonderful. You want to wank, but of course you can’t anymore. It was very exciting to hold my cock and put in my mouth and chewed it. I had it in the freezer and a week later I boiled it to have it for dinner, but boiled it a bit too fast so it became uneatable, such a shame.
    To cum I can rub the pubic area, but I don’t care much for cumming.
    As for public appearance, I hesitate very much, do you?

  8. hy newsight!
    my pictures are now in bme, but ican’t see them, because my access doesn’ work still!! I would like to cut longer my splitcock, but first i will reach it, the splitted cockshaft to cover with the rest of foreskin. When the splitted head is visible, that’s not so bad and striking in the public – i hope.
    At present i so try to stretch my foreskin in the length by pulling strong and cutting it square to the shaft and pulling it in the length, and sewing together the sides of the stretched wound. I hope the foreskin is elasticly and stretchable enough.
    Without a cock- as you are- it’s shitty in the public. You can only go with bathing trunks! Or you must be very very brave!!! Try it!

  9. It’s shit(ty) for sure, but like Shannon put it: It’ll be mainstream in a couple of years. We’re just the new pioneers. A lot think it’s weird, but there’ll be many more eunuchs and dickless men and men and women with wonderfully modded genitals.
    But I’ll let you know when I was brave enough to appear in public!

  10. In the holidays in strange regions i hope to go at the nudist beach with my split cock. Where nobody knows me there i can go at sauna and nudist beach – i think! There it’s my cocks and my thing or your cockless and your thing!
    I will try it! Only at home it’s a problem.
    Good luck!

  11. hy newsight!
    There are wonderfull pics with a couple by eunuch: he is without cock and ballsac, but hairs!
    It looks so sweety and clean and very good, the two young peoples!!
    So you can go in the public – i think and believe strong!!!

  12. Hi Jack,
    Just like you I’m in a way looking forward to that moment of truth.And I think I know the pics of the couple, it indeed looks lovely. Actually I never dared to go to nudist beach, because I didn’t like my penis very much and I know how everyone looks. Maybe now’s the time..

  13. Mine just became an innie out of sympathy.

    To each his (it’s) own…

  14. I don’t think this is strange or bad at all. Congrats on the cutting of your cock! I want to remove the head from my lil dick someday. I hope I have as much luck as you did!!!

  15. the glansremoval has to be very exciting. I am only cutting grooves in the inside of my smooth glanses (because splitting). Already this is very exciting! But the whole cutting off – wouhhh! But my wife would cry and screem!

  16. psycologically, this has to have a tremendous effect on you.
    could it be sexual and selfish, or perhaps taking away the need for a woman?
    Because he can orgasm as you say through prostate massage and playing with his nuts, but no woman can ever manipulate him with his dick.
    Somewhere deep inside me, this makes some sense.
    Worst thing about it is he can’t go back. unless he DID get it sewn back on straight away. weird

  17. newsight, is there a video of your procedure available? There must be plenty of guys who are fans of BME and also have penectomy fantasies as I do, who would be willing to purchase a video clip showing how you did it.

  18. Sorry, no video. Every now and then I watch the pics I took, just to see how I looked. But it’s alright. It’s wonderful playing with your dick or have someone else playing with it, but it’s also great to be horny lots of times and not to be able to do anything with it. At least not like I did. I touched my dick all day, now I touch my balls all day.
    How I did slice it off can be seen on BME.
    Thanks, N

  19. That’s soo incrediably crazy..i’m pretty sure i’d go nuts if my boyfriend ever did something like that. Good for you though.

  20. Well, you got a point there. But lots of times my dick acted like a body snatcher. Now I still have a life and my dick doesn’t.

  21. NOW WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ?that shows how people dont really have a life ….why in the world would u CUT YOUR GOTTAMN PENIS ?Man ,I hope u goin to a psychiatric soon cuz u sure as hell need one.

  22. Rain : You’re the one who need one…
    You’re like one of theses primitive people who don’t accept strangers in their neighbourhood…

  23. Wow, I want to get rid of my penis so badly; but I want full SRS so I’ll let a surgeon make the cut. Good on you though, congrats for getting away from the phallus at last, more men should do it.

  24. It’s probably better to have a surgeon do the job, although they’re hard to find. Mostly it’s done after castration.
    You can see how I did it, but you got to take care that the peehole stays open. I didn’t and had to go to hospital and had a severe bladder infection as well.
    I don’t recommend the lot, because once it’s off, it’s off and you’re without it for the rest of your life. So you got to be sure about it and take your time in deciding. With me it took years.

  25. I was so interested in your site, not that I would entertain such drastic body modifications, but that the situations give me the most extreme fantastic excitement. I would love the opportunity to talk to someone who has similar tendancies and ideas without necessarily going the whole hog. There has always been in my life a sense of unworthyness together with the requirement of punishment that has taken me into extreme BDSM, especially personal and 3rd party genital shaving, piercing, and whipping.

  26. Too many people asking “Why?”.
    Firstly it is his free choice.
    Secondly, perhaps he feel the penis has contributed to too much male wrongdoing.
    Thirdly, maybe he feels the penis ditracts the male from full concentratio and that he will develop more in other areas without it.
    I can vouch for this last option. Because despite being fully male hormonally, I was born without a penis or testicles. I got there without any pain.
    I’m proud of my body. And I’ll bet this guy is too!

  27. Well WillyNilly, you’re very very close to what I’ve been thinking about myself and my penis. My surgeon, who did the reroute suggested to see a shrink at first. But later he changed his point of view.
    I’d like to get rid of the balls as well in the end. How’s your hormones doing? Without balls you’ve the right amount of hormones? I’ve seen some of your pics. Wish it could be that simple for me.

  28. The tatoos on your dick and balls are/were interesting.
    Were these home done? How long ago did you get them?
    You look great by the way. I bet lots of people would like to rim your ass after you come : ).

  29. Hi Ecto, the tattoos were done at home, they’re bit sloppy actually, because I didn’t really have a plan, other than making it black all the way. I started the whole thing some 5 years ago.
    And what you say about rimming, I guess so, but I haven’t seen anybody yet :(

  30. I hate my dick because it is disturbing at all times. When I see my feet, I also have to see the disturbing dick. The dick is sometimes feeling itchy and I HATE it. It feels terrible also when I have the dick is sticking to my legs. It is bothering to a dick attached to my body, imagine it when you are sleeping, swimming, or sitting. I HATE DICK.

    Good for newsight, thanks for the sharing. I love your dickless body. You must be agree with (some of) my opinions about I hate my dick. Did you sometimes or always hate your dick?

  31. Thank you for the nice words. I also hated my dick in some ways and there were times I had fun with it, but most of the time I didn’t care much should it be gone. In fact that feeling became stronger and stronger, so….. I was always very focused on my dick, mostly in the negative sense, which gave me all sorts of sick feelings. I’m glad it’s gone now. Besides I also thought a lot about being kinda neutral.

  32. Having a man without a dick excites me as a woman. Is there enough stump to arouse me?

  33. Hi Newsight, This is something I’ve been thinking about for a few years, but waiting to do via a surgeon if poss. I guess you banded it for a while before cutting off, but how painfull was the whole thing, and how did you prevent bloodloss?. did you leave the band or bands on for long after removal? how many bands did you use.

  34. Hi Andy,
    It took me years to make the final step. I’ve been banding my penis for a long time, and it was quite numb in the end. Before the cut I banded it not so long but I used EMLA cream and that helped a lot. It wasn’t painful at all. I prevented bloodloss by leaving the band on while I was sewing it. After that the band was no longer needed. Mind you I tried a couple of times what it felt like sticking a needle through the tissue. I used two bands, one to prevent serious bloodloss and one to keep the blood in the penis. There are not many surgeons who wants to perform this operation. And if they do it’s ever so expensive.
    I’ve written before that the hole closed gradually, so after a few months I got a bladder infection and had to go to hospital where I was given a reroute. That you need to know as well. Good luck.

  35. Jenny,
    Knowing there are girls out there that get excited by a man without a dick excites me. Having my dick cut off for someone elses pleasure is the ultimate.

    Off with the cock.

  36. Wow, sewing it up yourself, I’d be worried about not doing a good job to do that myself, so hats off to you for knowing how to do it properly.
    I can only wish I had the confidence to do the same. I think a surgeon is the only way for me, but I’d love to be able to d.i.y.
    I’d like to see pics of it fully healed, where is the re-route to.
    I hate my genitals and look forward eventually losing them.
    regards andy

  37. Andy, I’m with you. I hate the wretched things and want them removed. Not sure if I want a stump or what.
    I wonder how many more like us are out there wishing for the same or like newsnight. Dick free.

  38. I was very happy to see this site because I had lacked the courage to do this for years….now I think I can. Yes, I was born as a gender dysphoric….even lived as a woman at age 16 and as a receptionist for one year.

  39. Newsight, I am thinking of cutting off half of my penis. My penis is about 8 inches when erect, so that would mean removing 4 inches of shaft. I think I can get my partner to slice it off for me. I think it would be so hot to have him cut it off and then put it in his mouth. I thought about banding the cock off and jerking it until I was about to cum and then chop it off. It would be great to see the cum shoot out of the stump. I think having a 4 inch stump would really be hot. I would like to keep the cut off piece, so I could look at it. How can I perserve the cutoff portion?

  40. hi Jack,
    Quite a story you got there. I must warn you, you can only do it once and there’s a lot decisions made in a horny mood that end up in regret. How to preserve? I’m not sure, there’s probably a lot to find on the internet about preserving flesh. I threw mine away, I’m sorry to say. Good luck, N.

  41. I’ve fantasized about being dickless, or at least without any of the external parts of the penis. However, I also like my testicles, scrotum, and orgasming. I’d like to keep my balls and some ability to get off (don’t want to be horny all the time), though it’s just a fantasy.

    I’ve wondered though: what’s the sexual orientation of other people like this? I’m bisexual.

    This might sound like a silly question, but what are orgasms like now for you, newsight??

  42. Hi Anon,
    My orientation has always been towards women, but I held a dick a few months ago and that was rather exiting I must say.
    my orgasms are different from what it was due to a bladder operation which resulted in an inward cumming, so dry-cumming so to speak. The feeling is the same though. But I do like being horny and finger my reroute, which gets wet by the way, like a vagina. Never knew this would be possible.


  44. I so much want to do this too. Congratulations on taking the plunge. Can you explain what you mean by this?: “a bladder operation which resulted in an inward cumming”.

  45. Hi Faggot89,
    There was an obstruction in my bladder that that prevented the urine from streaming out like it should, so the doctor cut some tissue away. That operation also includes cutting away some of the tissue that closes the bladder when you cum. So now the cumming flows in the opposite direction, into the bladder. OK?
    Another funny thing is that the peehole gets wet when I’m excited, like a vagina. That wasn’t before.

  46. Hey there. I actually made a documentary about someone who does body cutting for ritual purposes, both private and public. I had no problem filming him doing stuff with blood. This is totally different. It would be surreal to see someone do this live.

    I found this site because I have a fantasy of getting it on with a guy who is really butch but has a full on vagina. Google took me here. This is hot too. Just amazing. It’s really interesting that “chicks with dicks” is a household phrase but guys without dicks is so unheard of. Are there a lot of dickless guys? Does anyone know how many??? How can I find them!!!

  47. I am so turned on by these pics. I am going to do the same thing one day, only i want to be sure to get it on video and take plenty of photos. I am very excited about doing my own self penectomy some day soon. I would like for others to be there when i cut off my worthless cock. I hate my penis so much and I band it and cut it with a razor blade and put pins in it. I cant wait for my severed cock pics to be on the internet where many people can see them.

  48. In my case i think about having all cut off, balls and penis.
    Normaly it will be done in Thailand soon

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