ModBlog will make you gay…

…by posting hot guys like Steve for you to admire. Click again for a front view.

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Shannon Larratt is the founder of BME (1994) and its former editor and publisher. After a four year hiatus between 2008 and 2012, Shannon is back adding his commentary to ModBlog. It should be noted that any comments in these entries are the opinion of Shannon Larratt and may or may not be shared by LLC or the other staff or members of BME. Entry text Copyright © Shannon Larratt. Reproduced under license by LLC. Pictures may be copyright to their respective owners. You can also find Shannon at Zentastic or on Facebook.

One thought on “ModBlog will make you gay…

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    Posted on 03-30-2006 20:59:42 by rebekah
    daddy, can i have one for my birthday? PLEASE?

    Posted on 03-30-2006 21:13:19 by verucassault
    hell yeah :)
    (though admiring him would make me straight …)

    Posted on 03-30-2006 21:17:26 by Biscoito
    that’s a really hot, but i was expecting more nudity in the front view!
    he he he

    Posted on 03-30-2006 23:30:15 by Ghostie
    But what if I want the female pinups so that I can be made into a lesbian?

    Posted on 03-31-2006 00:55:50 by trinityva

    Though I think it’s the straight parts of bi-woman me that are happy seeing that.

    Posted on 03-31-2006 01:17:07 by starspring
    Okay, I’m already gay and he is still fucking hot! Goodness, is it getting hot in here?

    Nice tattoos. somebody somewhere is lucky….I hope.

    Posted on 03-31-2006 04:58:13 by mpatshi
    not bad, but I like them skinny guys:)

    Posted on 03-31-2006 06:49:32 by the_logic_of_crocodiles
    is it just me, or does he have a tattoo of himself doing the same pose on his arm?

    Posted on 03-31-2006 07:12:14 by *MissM*
    ooooh yes!

    Posted on 03-31-2006 11:45:10 by Sade
    OMG! can i have him…right NOW!?!

    i love the tattoo on his left forearm.

    Posted on 03-31-2006 16:53:48 by squid
    now that is a REAL man

    Posted on 03-31-2006 21:28:52 by ,
    como se dice “spicy”

    Posted on 04-01-2006 03:20:16 by CS Williams
    caliente, but it may have connotations you don’t want. Maybe you do.

    Posted on 04-01-2006 06:26:59 by ,
    i knew how to say caliente… but i chose to go with “como se dice “spicy” cos i’d rather say spicy.

    Posted on 04-01-2006 09:45:31 by penski


    Posted on 04-01-2006 22:20:03 by Aretha
    Um, LOVE him. Damn, Glider, you really pick out good hot men!

    I love the floating, but obscured, penis and I am just aroused in general by pools and the surroundings.

    Posted on 04-04-2006 18:50:45 by ew, gross
    Um, WTF? Since when is back hair sexy? Get a wax and then we can talk.

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