One thought on “ModBlog will make you gay…

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    Posted on 03-30-2006 20:59:42 by rebekah
    daddy, can i have one for my birthday? PLEASE?

    Posted on 03-30-2006 21:13:19 by verucassault
    hell yeah 🙂
    (though admiring him would make me straight …)

    Posted on 03-30-2006 21:17:26 by Biscoito
    that’s a really hot, but i was expecting more nudity in the front view!
    he he he

    Posted on 03-30-2006 23:30:15 by Ghostie
    But what if I want the female pinups so that I can be made into a lesbian?

    Posted on 03-31-2006 00:55:50 by trinityva

    Though I think it’s the straight parts of bi-woman me that are happy seeing that.

    Posted on 03-31-2006 01:17:07 by starspring
    Okay, I’m already gay and he is still fucking hot! Goodness, is it getting hot in here?

    Nice tattoos. somebody somewhere is lucky….I hope.

    Posted on 03-31-2006 04:58:13 by mpatshi
    not bad, but I like them skinny guys:)

    Posted on 03-31-2006 06:49:32 by the_logic_of_crocodiles
    is it just me, or does he have a tattoo of himself doing the same pose on his arm?

    Posted on 03-31-2006 07:12:14 by *MissM*
    ooooh yes!

    Posted on 03-31-2006 11:45:10 by Sade
    OMG! can i have him…right NOW!?!

    i love the tattoo on his left forearm.

    Posted on 03-31-2006 16:53:48 by squid
    now that is a REAL man

    Posted on 03-31-2006 21:28:52 by ,
    como se dice “spicy”

    Posted on 04-01-2006 03:20:16 by CS Williams
    caliente, but it may have connotations you don’t want. Maybe you do.

    Posted on 04-01-2006 06:26:59 by ,
    i knew how to say caliente… but i chose to go with “como se dice “spicy” cos i’d rather say spicy.

    Posted on 04-01-2006 09:45:31 by penski


    Posted on 04-01-2006 22:20:03 by Aretha
    Um, LOVE him. Damn, Glider, you really pick out good hot men!

    I love the floating, but obscured, penis and I am just aroused in general by pools and the surroundings.

    Posted on 04-04-2006 18:50:45 by ew, gross
    Um, WTF? Since when is back hair sexy? Get a wax and then we can talk.

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