One thought on “:-) Tattoo

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    Posted on 04-06-2006 18:07:58 by the_logic_of_crocodiles
    thats quite simply amazing

    Posted on 04-06-2006 18:35:49 by katie
    me too! and that looks like a sweet sleeve…

    Posted on 04-06-2006 23:53:01 by nana
    that’s so cute.

    Posted on 04-07-2006 15:40:28 by penski

    Who’s up for getting 8====D on their wang?


    Posted on 04-10-2006 14:21:40 by alrdygrownup
    j00z r 1337!!!1!11oneone

    Posted on 04-10-2006 17:14:57 by penski
    Tangent: In high school (about 6 years ago), I was in charge of the (16 terminal) network…Needless to say, we spent all day playing half life.

    Anyhoo – I got suspended for shouting ‘Dude! I just owned j00!’. Apparantly that particular colloquialistic form of ‘you’ is anti-semetic. :/

    The great irony is that I was the only kid in the entire school who had any Jewish lineage.

    I’m rambling now…

    Yeah. My old head of year was a noob.


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