Pi divided by 2 tattoo

So he saves up all this money to buy his girlfriend something nice for their third year anniversary, and then she dumps him! So the money went to this tattoo instead. “I’m not bitter… honest,” he tells me. I do however like the geeky cry of “once we were the full diameter, now I am only the radius” (or something like that — if you’re a mathematician, rewrite that for me so I don’t look like a dummy who needs to go back to school).

Tattoo by Janpaul at Admiraal Tattoo, Amsterdam

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3 thoughts on “Pi divided by 2 tattoo

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    Posted on 04-10-2006 21:18:34 by Bob Bitches
    Well, I don’t know exactly what he was going for. In radians, you can describe the 360 degrees of a circle as 2(pi). (pi)/2 would therefore represent a quarter of a circle, or 90 degrees. Doing trig functions for 90 degrees gives you a 1-1-sqrt(2) (a right triangle) triangle, which has the three angles 45, 45, 90… So I’m either not aware of what he’s going for, or being the elitest that I am, I will simply posit that he is a douchebag.

    Posted on 04-10-2006 21:29:40 by Bitches Bob
    I realized, quite ironically, how firmly that last comment makes me a douchebag too.

    Posted on 04-10-2006 21:57:29 by Erica

    Posted on 04-10-2006 22:49:40 by heliophobe
    I love it. Math tattoos are great.

    Posted on 04-11-2006 00:03:17 by Baerb Bitches
    Yeah, I was just being a bastard cause I’m jelous. I’ve wanted a pi tattoo since I was maybe 16 and I just have yet to get off my ass to get it, although now I’m more in to getting some sort of chem tattoo. In all honesty, cheers to anyone who’s willing to be interesting and cerebral in their tatt choices.

    Posted on 04-11-2006 09:10:45 by Nascent
    You had the right idea with the radius. If you consider a full circle (2pi), the radius of the circle would be the two sides of the right triangle created by an angle of pi/2 radians.

    If he were going for the half of a complete circle aspect he would have simply needed pi, but that would have been kind of anticlimactic and the cliché of general geekery would detract from any deeper meaning.

    Or maybe we’re all just making it too complicated and that the pi/2 (which is 90 degrees) simply proclaims that he is RIGHT! Simple and clever at the same time, even though it’s on his left leg.

    Posted on 04-11-2006 14:01:28 by /
    i am smart at math too

    Posted on 04-11-2006 15:03:44 by
    …ya i can do enough math to verify this comment…
    anyway perhaps we should stop psychoanalyzing and ask him what it means?

    Posted on 04-11-2006 18:23:34 by blah
    or maybe just realize that its good work and try to take in its beauty, without always trying to figure out what EVERYTHING means?? everyone’s so critical.

    Posted on 04-12-2006 19:31:31 by /
    MAYBE it just a tattoo and you’re all thinking too much

    Posted on 04-13-2006 14:18:27 by Pusa
    I believe it has meaning, but then again, you never know what effect a dodgy pizza can have on you

  2. pi/2 is 180 degrees.. in portuguese, we use “a 180 degrees turn” as a methafore for a completely diferent aproach.

  3. “pi/2 is 180 degrees.”


    More like 90 degrees, therefore translating into “a slightly different approach” in Portuguese.


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