DIY Christina Piercing

You know, it’s almost 4:30AM, so I’m on day three of no sleep, to say nothing of the medication I’m on that’s supposed to make me sleep. So not only am I generally delirious from over a decade of working in erotica, but I’m also delirious from three days of no sleep… so I can’t really tell if I’m awake or dreaming. This photo leads me to believe that I’m having a good dream. Uncensor if you want.

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3 thoughts on “DIY Christina Piercing

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    Posted on 04-15-2006 12:40:19 by BadPauly
    Nice to see I’m not the only person who self-pierces :)

    Posted on 04-15-2006 22:17:48 by KitaKita
    haha, and im happy to know who that is

    Posted on 04-15-2006 22:28:30 by kuroneko711
    Wonderful picture!
    Not sleeping for days is definately an experience, because yea, you really do start to wonder if you’re still actually awake or not, or if you’ve slipped into some sort of dream. Reality isnt easy to grasp at that point. And medication isnt something i could ever bring myself to take for sleep deprivation, but hopefully you’ll start getting sleep soon.

    Posted on 04-16-2006 02:40:11 by outmywindow
    It’s amazing how strangely defined certain colors can be on lack of sleep… It’s like someone photoshopped the whole world and turned up the definition on things… Very weird!

  2. wish i could do that! I am addicted to the piercings and the minor pain that goes with them! If I could pierce myself….who knows what might be in touch with a needle! :)

  3. What are the warnings to do this piercing yourself? I wanna do mine but I’m not really sure what to look out for. Is there any specific nerves to look out for? I did my septum and nipples myself, but I’m a little earie about this one.

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