One thought on “Triple Labret Modeling

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    Posted on 04-15-2006 10:33:50 by penski

    Elisha Cuthbert?!


    Posted on 04-15-2006 11:00:28 by PureAngel
    She gets that all the time…

    And the photographer was DevilMayCare Photography…

    Posted on 04-15-2006 13:36:32 by MetalGirl
    Yah, the correct photograph credit goes to Site isn’t up yet, but it will be soon!

    Posted on 04-15-2006 14:25:46 by imacop
    the symmetry works well

    Posted on 04-15-2006 17:35:07 by *MissM*

    Posted on 04-16-2006 16:51:39 by dreaMING4444
    hahaha, holy fuck it’s my soon-to-be roommate!

    Posted on 04-16-2006 21:20:48 by Cenobitez
    You know, I run a few modelling sites, and i’m always suprised how many models email me, which have had such bad experiences with photographers ranting about piercing and tattoos and shit, and some of the hottest women i’ve seen are tattoo’d and pierced, this is just another example.

    Well good luck to the model and i hope to she rubs some deserving noses in the poop.

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