6 thoughts on “Dice Tattoos and Scars

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    Posted on 04-26-2006 04:38:08 by dream3r
    D&D ^_^

    Posted on 04-26-2006 04:47:58 by Ghostie
    D&D geeks are hot!

    Posted on 04-28-2006 23:14:45 by Avius
    That D&D palm tattoo is the raddest thing I have ever seen.

    Posted on 04-29-2006 11:51:48 by alrdygrownup
    D&D w00t! j00z R 1337!

    Posted on 04-29-2006 20:09:35 by not lucky
    oh no not D&D! my last 3 boyfriends played that so much that they forgot about me. a message to the D&D geeks : if you have a girlfriend, try to talk to her at least twice a week

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