Ah, the classics.

Let’s play the old BME game of “do you know what you’re looking at”?

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10 thoughts on “Ah, the classics.

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    Posted on 05-04-2006 01:01:23 by themeowofdoom
    nice picture of self amutation

    Posted on 05-04-2006 01:13:52 by YellowTail
    he is cutting of some foreskin it would seem

    Posted on 05-04-2006 01:14:37 by severed
    i was leaning more towards a split glans that had been pinned down and was having a steak knife dragged across it.

    but that might be only because that’s the type of “what’s this picture” puzzle i expect from modblog. ;)

    Posted on 05-04-2006 01:41:50 by outmywindow
    Yeah, I’m gonna go with dick.

    Is it weird (or a sign that I’m totally desenitized) that the first thing I thought when looking at this picture was “Nice cutting board!”

    Posted on 05-04-2006 02:05:00 by Elaine
    uh, I’m gonna go with head split that’s being pinned down by the foreskin.

    Posted on 05-04-2006 02:37:03 by einie meeny
    ok split head, foreskin pinned and stapled down, then cut off with the knife?

    Posted on 05-04-2006 04:10:38 by BadPauly
    Head-split, with dydoes.

    But wait, there’s more, you get a free steak-knife!

    Posted on 05-04-2006 07:52:49 by tokyowars
    Malformed hand with what’s let being amputated/in the process of being removed?

    Posted on 05-04-2006 08:03:54 by tokyo
    Crap! I thought I was the first comment. Guess I shouldn’t run p2p and expect full net performance. lol. seems like I’m a long way off… ;(

    Posted on 05-04-2006 09:54:24 by toe
    I am definitely thinking dick with split glans pinned down being taunted with a steak knife…..

    3 years ago I would never have thought I’d ever be typing words like that out LOL

    Posted on 05-04-2006 10:17:08 by PaleCheekedAngel

    That is all.

    Posted on 05-04-2006 11:21:02 by DaniCat
    No I think I am going to go with the hand… dick was my first instinct but i just dont see it…

    Posted on 05-04-2006 11:25:34 by glowimperial
    Split Cock. Heads Pinned. Knife Play.

    Posted on 05-04-2006 11:32:06 by YellowTail
    nah, its def forskin being cut off… or mutilation…. or atypical circumsicion. those are all hints. bme’s picture archive holds the key for those with full memberships

    Posted on 05-04-2006 11:33:37 by Jets
    I say hand.

    Posted on 05-04-2006 14:35:50 by toast
    I’m pretty damn sure it’s foreskin pinned to a board, staples behind the pins, then either being cut a bit, or cut right off. YellowTail seems to know for sure, but that’s my interpretation. not sure if the glans is bifurcated or the foreskin is just dragged out of shape through the staples.

    Posted on 05-04-2006 15:15:25 by alrdygrownup
    I say cock, although I can understand the “hand” outlook. Problem is…..how difficult would it be to cut through those bones with a steak knife? Clearly, a cock.

    Posted on 05-04-2006 17:47:15 by VeganZombie
    no no, it is obviously a man on rollerskates. You can see him if you tilt the picture slightly to the left. Look! he is waving at you!

    Posted on 05-04-2006 18:23:46 by San
    Oh man I think I see it…

    Posted on 05-04-2006 19:09:42 by severed
    oh my goodness i feel foolish. it really is a man on rollerskates!!!

    Posted on 05-04-2006 20:16:51 by blastphem0r
    i think he’s winking too, but he seems a bit off balance on those skates.

    Posted on 05-04-2006 23:05:11 by Error

    Posted on 05-04-2006 23:50:40 by Me, Again
    I dont like this game, because you never tell us the answer… and now not only is the image going to haute me for the rest of my life, but i wont even know what it is!

    Posted on 05-05-2006 00:22:01 by Anon
    Definitely a cock given the size relation between the steak knife and body part in question.

    Posted on 05-09-2006 04:51:23 by natalie
    is it a split and stretched something? a nipple? this is a fun game

    Posted on 05-13-2006 00:16:42 by etoile
    The fellows on circlist would love this one.

  2. i think , they are two nailed and sticked ends of foreskin. THey are will be cutted off – very exciting – wouhh! Iwant to see the next picture with the bloody skin and the two cutted off skin-pieces!!!
    cut along!!!

  3. I have lots of forskin to cut on that picture makes me want to start right awya

  4. i had shorted my foreskin as a young boy in many steps, because i realised, that i couldn’t pull it back over the glans for masturbating!
    So always i cutted a little piece by press a citchen knife slowly but stronger on it (or beated with a hammer on the knife), sewed it with needle and yarn, after healing cutted the next piece around my cock, part for part. After this the foreskin was again smooth and round and i could pull back over the head. It was very exciting and lustfull!!!

  5. it’s a split penis with each side of the head nailed down and he is cutting one of the half heads off

  6. I’m guessing that the member near the bottom doesn’t look much like a penis, way too smooth. Is it an arm with only the thumb and pinky stubs left?

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