Why Google Ads rejects this site.

…and you know you want to play a game: what kind of insect bite to the genitals is worst? Something that just bites or stings you really painfully, or something that leaves you with an itchy lump?

But seriously, one thing I wanted to say is that if you like this blog and you want to help, or more relevantly, if you tried to sign up for a membership last week and it didn’t work, please try it again. We should also have all failed renewals fixed. Click here if you want to. Thanks.

Please do not click these pictures if you are not an adult and deeply disturbed individual or at least someone with an open enough mind to understand that different people enjoy themselves in different ways.

4 thoughts on “Why Google Ads rejects this site.

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    Posted on 05-09-2006 03:25:53 by Kanga43
    Wow. At first when I was reading your comments, I was scared to click, afraid of how extreme it would be, if I could handle it.

    But I clicked anyway and after the initial shock of “Wow, there are bugs on their members” wore off, I found myself inexplicably aroused by it.

    I love Modblog. I learn more about myself with every visit.

    But in any case. Damn, thats hot. Particularly the one on the left.

    Posted on 05-09-2006 06:06:12 by starspring
    Eh, I thought for a second. “Cool. It looks like they are trying to eat him.”

    Maybe I am a little more disturbed than I realised?

    Posted on 05-09-2006 06:09:19 by kawaface
    are those mosquitos in the last picture? how does one capture mosquitos for such a project?

    Posted on 05-09-2006 10:22:15 by Sade
    i found that very amusing:)

    although the first did kinda scare me,for no particular reason.

    Posted on 05-09-2006 11:08:20 by Mad World
    yeah, I’m just curious how one gets that many mosquitos in one area? Just walk around the woods with everything hanging out and hope for the best??

    Posted on 05-09-2006 14:17:03 by la negra
    pleasure can take alot ways…for our luck!!

    Posted on 05-09-2006 14:17:17 by MishMosh
    That thirs guy has the longest pubes I’ve seen in a while. VIVA MANBUSH!

    Posted on 05-09-2006 20:09:02 by uuu
    ow! pain or itching? i don’t know what is better… these pictures remind me why people should avoid being naked around insects that sting (unless they want this to happen)

    Posted on 05-09-2006 21:51:27 by outmywindow
    Seriously. I think I was most impressed by the variety of different insects that guy was able to get! I also wondered how he was able to attract them…

    And yeah, them pubes was loooooong!

    Posted on 05-09-2006 22:28:32 by billiejane
    hey my first thought was also “how did he get all those bugs on there?!?” especially in the first one. such brilliant colours too.

    Posted on 05-09-2006 23:46:41 by -jm
    Yeah, they’re so /organised/ in the first pic.
    But then, as the saying goes, “you attract more flies with honey than vinager”…also, deerflies seem to be drawn to eau du sweaty human.

    So, just smell nice and get sweaty, I guess! xD

    Posted on 05-10-2006 01:05:18 by devo
    to each their own.

    Posted on 05-10-2006 05:58:51 by gally99
    mosquitos: go to texas or georgia or anywhere around there… if you don’t brush them off, any flesh exposed for more than three minutes will have that many mosquitos on it…

    Posted on 05-11-2006 21:23:41 by Jessie
    Are those horseflies?

    Ouch. Maybe I’m wrong.

    Posted on 05-11-2006 23:02:01 by toast
    It says something about this community that I -WASN’T- the first person to mostly be struck by the length of the pubes…

    Posted on 05-13-2006 00:21:20 by etoile
    The last one is flies, I’m pretty sure. And I’m horrified by these, but then I hate bugs. Doing weird shit to your dick is fine with me, but bugs? No thanks!

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