One thought on “Guerilla suspension is the best kind

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    Posted on 05-11-2006 23:15:02 by outmywindow
    The juxtaposition (ah, what a wonderfully pretentious word!) between the lifestyle/activity and the background is so great!

    Posted on 05-12-2006 00:28:31 by _Stigmata_
    hahaha remember last year shannon when we told you I was goin to hang from the gorilla and you said “Have fun in jail”. Its goin to be a tradition to hang atleast one person every APP now.

    Posted on 05-12-2006 03:09:04 by heliophobe
    I love it. She even looks like she’s running away too.

    Posted on 05-12-2006 05:24:30 by volatile
    What’s the rig attached to?

    Posted on 05-12-2006 05:51:23 by Zander-Fragile
    I love it also…

    Posted on 05-12-2006 06:45:06 by sinophile
    haha that’s great.

    Posted on 05-12-2006 11:56:18 by stainless
    The rig was attached to a rope held by Cere and _Stigmata_

    Posted on 05-12-2006 16:10:16 by honore
    i love her whole body expresion. she looks like she is having the time of her life. if somone was caugth doing this in public what would the police do?

    Posted on 05-12-2006 21:28:06 by S
    Awesome 🙂

    Posted on 05-13-2006 01:02:26 by trixie
    love it (: i wanna do it!

    Posted on 05-13-2006 08:36:16 by Wilburt
    Looks like great fun, i wanna do it 😀

    Posted on 05-13-2006 09:09:46 by volatile
    I mean… what’s the ROPE attached to, then! What’s she hanging from?

    Posted on 05-13-2006 15:56:57 by joshua
    from cere and stigmata’s clenched hands, dude!

    Posted on 05-13-2006 19:04:40 by volatile
    aah… so there’s a balcony up there? Now it makes sense!

    Posted on 05-13-2006 19:29:59 by anon
    You can see more pictures of it in the gallery for APP. This kind of things makes the urge to suspend even greater…now I just gotta find someone to throw the hooks.

    Posted on 05-15-2006 00:19:51 by dream3r
    what exactly is the APP?

    Posted on 05-15-2006 02:05:37 by six
    Association of Professions Piercers. it’s like a union. um.

    Posted on 05-17-2006 00:58:41 by plotski46
    Can anyone throw out the link for the gallery this is in? I’ve been looking and can’t find it… This pic totally appeals to me, wow!

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