Have I mentioned I love Japan?

I especially love the clock, and the dude in the background of the picture praying that he’s not in the photo. Sorry guy, you’re caught!

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4 thoughts on “Have I mentioned I love Japan?

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    Posted on 05-16-2006 00:37:10 by wow
    she looks old enough to be my GRANDMA!

    Posted on 05-16-2006 01:34:59 by lla
    are you sure it’s actually a woman?!

    Posted on 05-16-2006 01:39:19 by .
    there have been a couple times in my life when i look at a picture and think, “oh please oh please let this be a picture of a hand amputation and not what it looks like.”

    this is one of those times.

    Posted on 05-16-2006 05:56:32 by Vienna
    at least the person’s wearing gloves…

    Posted on 05-16-2006 07:27:37 by sinophile
    if you’ll note the large, hanging jewelry from the groin zone it’s fairly obvious that this is a guy. That or the lowest hanging vaginal lips I have ever seen. Please be a man. It looka like a man.

    Posted on 05-16-2006 09:44:39 by glider
    I’ve seen far lower hangers, but yes, this is a guy. He has a gallery in BME/HARD as (if I recall correctly) Slave Naomi.

    Posted on 05-16-2006 12:08:16 by c0rrosion
    coulda fooled me, i just assumed it was a lady with some stretched-out labia…

    Posted on 05-16-2006 14:11:29 by nevermind…
    jewelry? that looks like a faucet to me!

    Posted on 05-16-2006 15:04:24 by outmywindow
    I quite like the structure of that jewelry (from what we can see of it), and yeah, the setting of this picture is what makes it so great! It looks like the parlor of some kitschy fake-European hotel.

    Posted on 05-16-2006 18:55:36 by BLUETAT
    Hee i have a clock like that one , JOY!

    Posted on 05-16-2006 22:30:23 by Kanga43
    Hahahah, I like how everyone is satisfied and loses interest once they learn that it is indeed a man.

    Posted on 05-16-2006 22:30:34 by Kanga43
    Hahahah, I like how everyone is satisfied and loses interest once they learn that it is indeed a man.

    Posted on 05-17-2006 00:52:05 by severed
    ditto. definitely ditto.

    Posted on 05-17-2006 01:34:35 by trinityva
    I still say it’s hot. Random fistings of guys in lipstick make my day, what can I say?

  2. I thought it was a wrinkly ass, until I noticed it was a hole ripped in his tights. Guess the guy hadnt got time to slip em down.
    Nice of them to wanna share their experience with others lol :)

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