“Domo Arigato”

Kyle sends in this “Robot with Guts”. I think the quality of the tattoo is a little better technically than the cooking robot I recently posted, but I think of the two, as a concept, I still prefer the earlier one because for whatever reason the toaster-head just melts my stoney shell… what do you think?

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    Posted on 05-19-2006 03:24:43 by penski
    Robots are cool.

    Robot Ninja Pirates are cooler.

    Give them lasers for eyes and you’re unstoppable.



    Posted on 05-19-2006 04:24:31 by the_logic_of_crocodiles
    robot tattoos are the best. all the cool kids have robot tattoos 😛

    this is particularly awesome though, as i’m a fan of organs too haha

    Posted on 05-19-2006 04:32:05 by outmywindow
    While the toaster robot kicks ass, for some reason I like this one even more. I think it’s the expression on the robot’s face…

    Posted on 05-19-2006 05:08:59 by Neurot1k
    I definitely like this one better. something about how the background’s vivid but the robot’s a bit duller, I’m not sure. I really like it though, props to the artist.

    Posted on 05-19-2006 10:25:19 by Sarah
    I don’t think it’s merely the toaster-headedness of the other robot that I like better; I think it’s the actual toast popping out.

    Posted on 05-20-2006 06:36:08 by sinophile
    The toast popping out reminds me of one of my all-time favorite music videos. You know “wont stop (cant stop) wont stop the beat”? Oh yeah.

    Posted on 05-20-2006 13:49:42 by fre_k
    sinophile – You mean that song by junior senior? Everbody, move you feet and feel united…

    Posted on 05-20-2006 19:19:27 by sinophile
    YES! Love it, love it, love it. Just thinking about it makes me grin.

    Posted on 05-22-2006 12:55:44 by Michael.Blackmon
    I have to admit I really like this robot tattoo. I think though I would have been unhappy if my tattoo was done is this style. The robot looks a little sad and dull, like he is old. I was going for upbeat and happy oh and mostly to make everyone laugh and say “what the fuck?”
    but yeah that is a sweet tattoo.

    Posted on 05-22-2006 13:05:51 by Evil Paul
    Robot for tha win.
    I love the organs, and yes, the background makes it ‘pop’.

    P.S. Junior Senior = mintox

    Posted on 05-22-2006 16:39:59 by Michael.Blackmon
    Shannon. DO you know who did this tattoo and thier where abouts?

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