Killer Priest Photo Shoot

I like these pictures of Mike Manson, taken by Lane Jensen from Dragon FX Kingsway in Edmonton (horn implants by Phish). Anyway, thanks again everyone for being patient with me over the last week… I have loads of new and old stuff for you over the next while.

Enjoy this big batch posted for your weekend enjoyment!

One thought on “Killer Priest Photo Shoot

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    Posted on 05-27-2006 11:26:52 by inksation
    Mike was perfect for the shoot. I wanted to photograph him for an upcoming book I am putting together on the Modified people I know. The funny thing about the photos is that he is actually the nicest guy I know. He’d give you the shirt of his back, just don’t cross him because he never forgets.

    Posted on 05-27-2006 17:16:21 by outmywindow
    The angle on that shotgun in the first pic is great! It’s so exaggerated.

    Posted on 05-27-2006 17:52:33 by dilbert
    Why is it that when people pose for pictures with guns they never follow the basic rules of firearm safety?

    Posted on 05-28-2006 00:05:40 by CS Williams
    ^^ Because then you’d never get a decent down the barrel picture.

    Posted on 05-28-2006 00:44:50 by dilbert
    I understand and can almost tolerate that, but does he also need to have his booger hook on the bang switch?

    Posted on 05-28-2006 14:30:43 by Myke
    The funny thing about Mike being in a priest get up is that he’s actually an ordained Reverend! haha..

    Posted on 05-28-2006 23:09:24 by inksation
    If you know your guns than you will see that the chamber is open because the pump is at half cock. If their was a danger it would be with the chamber closed with the pump action forward and a shell in the chamber. Gun safety was followed and the chamber was checked more than once before I decided to get in front of the gun.

    Posted on 05-29-2006 03:20:29 by myeyes
    he have one horn more up than the another one….

    Posted on 05-29-2006 04:12:38 by dilbert
    Oh, so it is. Sorry I was distracted by the finger on the trigger thing as I’ve had some close calls with people who have the bad habit of fingering the trigger. It’s good to know that safety was observed.

    Posted on 05-29-2006 15:59:48 by CS Williams
    Even still, when I took hunter safety it was, “Don’t ever point the gun at anything you don’t want to shoot, even if it’s not cocked or loaded.” That being said I had similar shots taken for my senior pictures.

    Posted on 05-29-2006 18:23:55 by inksation
    haha, Very true. I understand the point you are getting to and it is very valid. Kids don’t replicate this at home.

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