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    Posted on 05-27-2006 11:32:14 by penski

    The first thing I saw was a fat hunk of steak, seared but still bloody inside, served with a few fat chips (fries for the canams amongst us ;)) and a light Diane sauce…


    Posted on 05-27-2006 11:37:22 by shy
    the split tip?

    Posted on 05-27-2006 11:49:45 by penski
    …Possibly that it’s touching the countertop…



    Posted on 05-27-2006 12:11:13 by Sade
    …the fact that he’s not wearing gloves while cutting his meat…so unsanitary lol

    Posted on 05-27-2006 13:00:51 by Briggy
    You wear gloves when you cut meat? That must cost you tons in disposable gloves, jesus.

    Posted on 05-27-2006 15:07:18 by Kanga43
    Okay maybe I’m the most decrepid, but I was like OMG, now i’ve seen everything. Because at first glance, the steak looked relatively phallic and I thought, okay, well amputations sure, but a skinned cock?! O.O

    Its a nice tattoo though, hahaha

    Posted on 05-27-2006 17:18:37 by outmywindow
    Yeah, why would you wear gloves while cutting meat, as long as you’ve washed your hands?

    Anyway, I noticed the meat first just because of its bright color. Then I got really hungry… Penski’s meal description didn’t help! 😉

    Posted on 05-27-2006 17:56:38 by BadlyDrawnGirl
    what the hell is that?!?! haha.

    Posted on 05-27-2006 19:01:12 by blastphem0r
    as long as you don’t have cuts on your hands, it’s much more sanitary to wash your hands more often rather than wear gloves. your hands get sweaty, nasty, and funky after hours of wearing latex gloves. plus, that’s raw meat, which means it’s being introduced to heat, so there’s not really an issue with germs anyway.

    Posted on 05-27-2006 19:14:38 by the_logic_of_crocodiles
    what were we meant to notice first?

    Posted on 05-27-2006 19:31:46 by .
    at first I thought it was a cow’s tongue or something, then decided it was too red and there’s no taste bumps. or are we supposed to notice something within the tattoo?

    Posted on 05-27-2006 19:51:28 by Pauly Unstoppable
    well first thing i saw was the tattoo haha

    Posted on 05-27-2006 20:06:19 by sinophile
    I too thought it resembled a fleshed out cack.

    Posted on 05-27-2006 23:14:27 by haah
    I saw the top part of the photo first, so I saw his tattoo, then I saw the meat when I scrolled down and was like WHAT THE HELL is that?

    Posted on 05-28-2006 00:50:27 by alex
    I saw a split, skinned penis too.

    Posted on 05-28-2006 11:07:26 by mycatisnosferatu
    My guess is it’s a snake.

    Posted on 05-28-2006 11:51:28 by Wilburt
    I saw the knife in his hand first, then the blood on his top.Then the meat, thought it was a skinned penis then yeah.

    Posted on 05-28-2006 13:54:13 by kt
    I really don’t want to believe that is what it looks like. First of all, it’s a little large, isn’t it?

    *cannot avoid feeling horrible sympathy pains*

    Posted on 05-28-2006 13:58:00 by EternalLife
    The first thing I thought of was Alien…It kinda looks like a skinned baby alien…

    Posted on 05-28-2006 14:28:07 by alice
    yep, i saw a phallic piece of meat as well…. well with the split end and all, what else could it look like….

    Posted on 05-28-2006 18:26:19 by mycatisnosferatu
    Like a snake.

    Posted on 05-28-2006 19:16:47 by LOL
    kt…might not be a human cock….ever think of Seal Cock?lol…big money in that in Japan

    Posted on 05-28-2006 19:26:40 by twysted
    i just started drooling at the fillet steak, then got briefly paranoid that it wasn’t a steak. then compounded the issue by imagining all the things it could be. then i thought to my self why would someone so well hung remove there cock and skin it. then i started drooling again :smile

    Posted on 05-28-2006 19:33:34 by Sade
    why do you have to where gloves? i have no idea,it’s just when i worked in a kitchen everyone had to have on some kind of gloves no matter what because some employees didn’t wash their hands.

    Posted on 05-28-2006 19:41:28 by Sade
    damn,i just realised the contradiction in my post…we wore gloves because 1)some people didn’t wash their hands and 2)i worked for upper middle-class people and my boss just figured instead of screaming at us to just make us wear gloves.

    Posted on 05-28-2006 19:46:22 by Court
    Suddenly i’m tempted to return to being a vegetarian again after seeing that picture. YAK. EW. GROSS.

    Posted on 05-28-2006 22:07:23 by outmywindow
    Assuming you don’t mean because of its apparent resemblance to a penis (which I didn’t see until I looked for it — I just saw dinner) why does that gross you out? It’s an incredibly fresh piece of meat judging by the color. If it were brown and old looking, I could understand.

    Posted on 05-29-2006 00:25:48 by gryph
    Actually, wearing gloves, health departments are now saying, is much more UNSANITARY. However, that’s not the point of this exercise, is it? I noticed the meat. So, what’s that mean?

    Posted on 05-29-2006 00:54:28 by c0rrosion
    the meat has a mouth ;o

    Posted on 05-29-2006 01:16:45 by Tracy
    I saw the tat first.

    Ohh and for anyone wondering, that is most likely a backstrap, looks about the right size and color to have come from a deer or antelope.

    Posted on 05-29-2006 04:16:35 by sneezy
    looks like he is cuting on his finger

    Posted on 05-29-2006 05:06:22 by Neon Charge Eclipse
    It indeed looks like a cut of venison backstrap from my time as a butcher, although I could also be wrong – definitely backstrap though

    Posted on 05-29-2006 20:12:16 by poondevil
    mmmmm tube-steak…

    Posted on 05-29-2006 23:29:19 by blastphem0r
    that’s gross to hear that making the employees wear gloves was the only obvious solution that the manager could think of as a result of no one keeping up on their handwashing duties. gloves or no gloves, if you don’t wash your hands, it’s still not sanitary. blech.

    Posted on 05-30-2006 06:23:46 by Court
    outmywindow – Its gross. Its bloody and its a peice of MEAT. we’re all made of meat. I am no longer a vegetarian only because i couldn’t seem to eat well enough and became ill. But if it was my choice, i wouldn’t eat it. Meat grosses me out. And it scares me that so many people see it as delicious. How can that look delicious? Would you say the same thing if it was a human peice of meat there? (okay, this is a bad example considering where im posting this, but you get my point)

    Posted on 05-30-2006 14:19:50 by Nyarlathotep
    Oddly enough, my first thought was to wonder what the cut of meat was. The general shape is like pork loin, but the color’s all wrong. I didn’t notice anything phallic, or even that tattoo immediately. Clearly food is what’s on my mind. 😛

  2. Court – it wouldn’t bother me in the least if it was human. I would rather butcher half the people I deal with on a daily basis then some of the cows I go out and feed. And if you are hungry enough you will eat anything.

  3. Looks strangely like a fish to me…. Except for the fact that it’s steak. It’s the apparent ‘Mouth’ on the end of the, er, it.

  4. First thing i felt was deep envy.. Look at the size of that!
    But then, after realizing It wasn’t a penis, I became hungry…

  5. Oddly enough, I didn’t pay much attention to the picture at all, and the words ‘Skin Deep’ bashed their way into my skull.

    My boyfriend got a terrible tattoo there, and we’re all convinced it was because he acted like a total jerk, acting like some huge tattoo fanatic when he was only getting ink to impress me. The guy was coloring it in like he was a little kid with Crayolas.

    The thing is, I saw the guys portfolio, and he’s great. Thanks for giving him an ugly tattoo, whatever-guy-it-was at Skin Deep. We (meaning, not him) all love it.

  6. I only found BME 2 weeks ago and my first thought was “That’s what the inside of a penis looks like.”

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