7 thoughts on “Can’t beat random pierced nipples

  1. The security guy watching all the closed circuit TVs must have creamed himself (assuming he wasn’t asleep).

  2. looks like she’s in a Blockbuster or Rogers Video! Lovely piercings [nipple, navel, and labret] and from what I can see in the photo, nice tat!

  3. Is she single? … because I will marry her.

    Also, it’s even more wonderful that she seems to be in the children’s section of the video store.

  4. what great random pic…i love the mischevious look on her face too….can’t really decide if this is MA-17 Sexy or Rated R cute….

  5. Damn, sweetheart, is that really you?. Where can I find you, we can do a photo session. Incredibly hot.

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