Healed penectomy with testicles in place

A while back I posted some DIY penectomy pictures. Anyway, I thought that it might be a good time to post some pictures of it relatively healed at six months (and as you can see from the little soldiers in the second picture, it still works, and he’s quite happy with the results).

Oh, and sorry if this is too extreme for you, but consider it a warning — what you see on BME today is mainstream in three years. Welcome to the fall of Rome, Part II.

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157 thoughts on “Healed penectomy with testicles in place

  1. So how did he splurge? I guess it’s gotta be prostate stimulation…? But I was under the impression you needed some manual or otherwise penis stimulation along with a good prostate massage for a serving of love mayonaise.

    Well good for him anyway, he is obviously happy with it.


  2. is it wierd that the first thing i saw in the first picture was a ball sack thats tatooed to look like a robin’s breast to me instead of the absence of a penis. I guess i’ve been hanging around here too long.

  3. I was just going to ask where that hole was. SO i guess that is how he urinates.. just needs to sit like a girl would. Hmm intersting. Its amazing that a urethral reroute, which in a medical setting would be a fairly invasive and indepth surgery is able to be done in such a way. Anesthetic used? Must have….

  4. Maybe I should stop coming here. I have a much stronger stomach than most of my friends and I always torture them with the pictures from here that I find interesting …

    Poor kids.

  5. is it bad that i find this really erotic?

    yes,bme has made me a dirty girl…

  6. Why would you want to cut off a nice cock like that?
    I need to learn more about this stuff before I can truly appreciate the art of it…

  7. Wow where the hell have i been ….people find this erotic?
    why…..dont understand, had thought people who do thid procedure are not happy with their gender or something, but the second pic of him cumming throws that idea right out the window

  8. Amazingly enough, I was more interested in how he managed to cum rather than be surprised by the procedure itself.

  9. doesn’t he miss fucking a girl?? I mean I thought guys liked sticking thier dick into a pussy? I would be intimidated… how would I get him off? Buy a strap on?

  10. Beautiful result. Love to learn more about why he did it and how he likes it now.

  11. I’d rather have a frontal labotamy… i’ve figured out by coming here that not everything is a good idea for me… i’m glad that there are people out there that make me ask questions like why…

  12. well, folks, glad you’re so positive about it :-)
    If there’s anything you like know please ask.
    By the way, I’m still happy with(out) it, please don’t worry.

  13. Hi Newsight,

    So, how DID you splurge? Just out of curiosity? And don’t you miss fucking?
    Does your partner miss your cock?

    Thanks for being so goodnatured about the comments…

  14. Hi Jess,
    I found out long ago that rubbing the pubic area would cause an orgasm. So nothing up my ass still. I don’t care much for cumming though, I’d rather be a bit horny all day.
    But I’m considering to be nullo very much. So the horny part will disappear in the end, I guess. I don’t have a partner, so.. but let’s say, I’m open for one.
    Oh, and the cat’s bum was originally the peehole but that closed gradually, so they gave me a reroute. I like it.

  15. Hi Newsight,

    Seeing you is an inspiration, I have thought about doing the same. Have you had sex with another person since doing it? How do your friends feel about it? Any comments from strangers? I think it’s very sexy on you.


  16. That tattoo is really lovely, and this is just generally cool. I’ve always thought the idea of doing a guy with no dick was hot.. I guess I have a twisted mind :)

  17. Hi Matt,
    Thank you, I think it’s worth while, but you have to think it over very carefully. I haven’t had sex with others yet, so I can’t tell you anything about that. The only “feel” about it has come from BME friends and they think very different, though mostly positive. It may be a giant step to go out in public. It would be easier to have some bme friends around :-)

  18. I have a question for you, how are you going to tell your partner about your mod? And are you worried that a relationship or 2 may end because of it?

    I think its wonderful how happy you are with the end result, and it looks great!

  19. There is no partner and if someone comes along..well, there’s bound to be a discussion. And thank you for the compliment.

  20. Just rubbing my pubic area and making the right pelvis moves., but I like not to cum, can you imagine that?

  21. Hey there Newsight, I think it’s neat! =) Are you mtf by any chance? I myself am ftm, so if that’s the case then I completely understand the motivation behind this. (If only I had known you IRL, perhaps you could have give your penis to me! Some day I’ll have one of my own….)

  22. Hi G, thanks, I wouldn’t say I’m a mtf, I’m more into mtf/m,
    somewhere in the middle. And it’s ashame really, that mine is gone. That would be great, to donate my penis to you.
    That would really be wonderful to see my penis on someone else. Alas.
    Are you gonna take pictures of that, or are there any pics of you on bme? There are people who don’t understand I want to be without penis, just as there are who don’t understand you want to be without a vagina. Good luck!

  23. As of right now I don’t have any surgical procedures planned as I have not yet started any physical transition, but I’ll be sure to post photos when I do =)

    I am good friends with a mtf, and she has already gotten her boobs. As far as I know her penis is still intact, but it wont be long before it’s gone =) Maybe I can get her to post photos of the before and after and healing process.

  24. Are you in the hormone treatment then? Shame people can’t just change parts, it would have been convenient to give your boobs to her in exchange for the penis and stuff.
    Is she going to put her pics on bme? That would be great.
    How’s the both of feeling during this process?

  25. great look, the one ive always wanted.especially if i had the right woman to enjoy it with me.

  26. Absolutely brilliant, it is just what I need right now for the future,it is my wife’s favourite option,as I have no use for my shrunken penis now.

  27. Hey Newsight:
    First of all, I’m considering the exact same thing. I’d like to remove the entire shaft, down to the root and bulb. If there is anyone out there who wants the penis, once it’s gone, then let me know. You can have it (sounds like there are a few takers on this blog … like newsight, I’d hate a perfectly good penis to go to waste).

    Second, even tho this is a public forum, I’d love to discuss LTR situations with you. Like you, I’m into not ejaculating, just feeling the urge all the time. Would like to know more about you.

    So, despite this public notice, I’m hoping you’ll write.

  28. Hi Geo,
    Hopefully you’ll succeed in getting it of right, and the way you want it to. And maybe you’ve read my story. Some consequences may occur. Anyway, if there’s anything you want to know, just ask. By the way, I’m still loving it.
    And I hope you’ll give it a good home haha.

  29. Hey Newsight:
    THanks for the words of enouragement. I hope you’ll reply to this post at my e.mail. I do have questions but would prefer to discuss more privately, instead of posted here.

    Thanks for leading the way. There are a LOT of guys I’ve been in contact over the past few years, who just need a role model, like you’ve become. I’m not alone – - there are many of us who need the encouragement! So, keep up the great work.

    And, write to my e.mail when you have the chance.

  30. Hi George,
    Thanks for writing again, I’d like to reply, but I can’t seem to find your email address anywhere.

  31. well, I had also a penectomy 3 weeks ago. waiting to the fully healing of it. I’m very happy to have done this!

  32. It’s amazing, but the cock is our best play tool! Hacking balls and sac – no problem! But what you will jurk without a cock?

  33. Super,velmi pěkný zákrok.Taky bych si penis i s koulema odstranil,ale nemám potřebné znalosti a ani nikoho kdo to dělal.Velmi se mi líbí tělo bez penisu a koulí.Jestli budeÅ¡ mít chuÅ¥ napiÅ¡ mi jak se to dá zvládnout,a co je k zákroku potřebné.Video zákroku mi asi nemůžeÅ¡ poslat? Přivítal bych i kontakt na někoho v ČR kdo by do toho Å¡el se mnou.Zatím Ä?au.

  34. Thanks for the comment, but I haven’t got a clue what’s in it.
    Is it Polish? Hope he or she will translate it in english or german
    (deutsch meine ich)

  35. OK, I gotta ask everyone has asked about sex, im a pratical kinda gal, isnt taking a pee kinda difficult now. Dont ya spray your shoes? :)

  36. Haha, I can spray my shoes, like you can and I guess you found an alternative, so did I. But I admit, pissing my name in the snow would be a bit hard now. On the other hand, due to the greenhouse effect, we haven’t had much snow lately.

  37. Hello newsight,
    Im so sorry if I offended you, seriously I didnt mean it that way at all.
    Actually I have never tried pissing in the snow, but im sure that would be difficult for me also.
    As for pissing on my shoes, I always buy very expensive ones, so that would be a crime pissing on them lol:)

    Happy New Year to you

  38. Hi ÈMþRꧧ to you too,
    You didn’t offend me at all. Sorry if I gave you that impression.
    And I love your answer regarding the expensive shoes. It would be a crime indeed. I will look at ladies feet in a different way from now on :-)
    And of course a happy New Year to you.

  39. Yo newsight

    Where is your dick right now. Have you preserved it or just throw it away?

  40. Hi Moqueta,
    The plan was to find out how it looked like on the inside and cook it and and find what it would taste like, but I got really sick after a day because of the cutting, and my mind got disturbed by the fever. I cooked it alright, but too hard and it became just a piece of rubber, very hard to slice and all. I cut it in little pieces and threw it in the bin. Sorry.

  41. Newsight,
    Hell fire cant you go up the fish and chip shop like everyone else :)

  42. Does your “internal” penis still get hard? If so, do you still have a tiny visible hardon, maybe an inch or so long? And, are you able to get off with that “angry inch”? :-)

  43. i like way you look/just wish it was me/i have no use fo mind /could you tell me there you goy it done as i am ready myself rooster

  44. I’ve been looking at lots of penectomy/castration stuff on the interweb lately, I’m fascinated by it, though not in a sexual way. Could we please have some more interviews about it??
    (Cruelly adds to prospective workload of ill man).

  45. Are there pics of your erect angry inch? If so, could you post them here? Or, if they are already available to BME members, I would gladly rejoin. It would be very exciting to the more perverse BME fans like me to see a video of you jerking your stump and watching the cum squirt from your relocated pee hole.

  46. Wow, that looks fantastic. It is so great to see guys actually posting their penectomy pictures online. It is so hot to see a guy who doesn’t want his penis anymore.

  47. gman, don’t do it! You are too young, with many years to spend enjoying your penis. Wait ’til you’re older, 50-plus.

  48. Well dude when i first saw this i thought the same as many, SHOCK! but reading your comments you seem very happy with your life, so feeling anything other than goodwill towards you seems obscene. Live a Good Life.

  49. article29 iwould love togive her mine itdrive me crazy contact soon ifshe wants maybe we can do some trading but she can have mine now oh god i would love it

  50. wow! you have done an amazing thing which I always dreamt of doing but never quite dared. Is there any way to contact you by e-mail?

  51. I think it is great when guys cut their penis off. But I am always interested in why they do it. your pictures are the best I have seen on the net. I am curious how old you are? From the picture I am guessing you are young.

    I am also very interested in the 21 year old guy who wants to cut off his penis. He calls himself gman if he sees this I would like to hear more about why he wants to cut off his penis.

  52. Newsight
    I love the photos, and have been wanting to get my cock cut off. How long did it take for yours to be numb enough for you to do it yourself, and how long did you have to wait for the re-route. I think this is so cool.

  53. You can see how I did it in the male nullo department, but you got to take care that the peehole stays open. I didn’t and had to go to hospital after three months and had a severe bladder infection as well.
    There they decided to give me a reroute, because the peehole couldn’t be opened.
    I don’t recommend the lot, because once it’s off, it’s off and you’re without it for the rest of your life. So you got to be sure about it and take your time in deciding. With me it took years to prepare it, thinking it over and over. The numbing is a matter of anesthetics, although mine was already quite numb after so many banding sessions.
    I think everyone has his own reasons for having no dick, so I won’t go into that. I’m in my fifties, but I have never been quite happy with my penis, so I might have done it earlier given the opportunity. I’m glad it’s off, but I must also warn the ones who want to do it: you’re probably horny now, but that feeling might also change after it’s gone. I played a lot with my dick and wanted to have nearly-orgasms all the time, now I’m horny in another way, which I like, by the way.
    Anyway, I’m happy with(out) it, but I found that out after it was off.

  54. For the past 5 years I thought about a penectomy. I am 53 and single, my dick is 6.5… but actually when i see these sites that is what i long for.
    Do you miss your dick?
    Do you get a rush to be horney without release?
    I would want my ball sack removed… do they place the balls inside?….

  55. Can a dick be missed? I think so, but that would be tragic. It would mean one has made the wrong choice. I don’t miss it, though there are those nostalgic moments, as one has with all kinds of things. About the release, well, the release has something to do with building up the feeling towards it. Once your dick is off, that kind of playing is off too. So the feeling of being horny becomes different, at least in my situation. Don’t know about others.
    The thing about removing your sack is another story. I’ve been thinking about that too, instead of castration perhaps and still look smooth. There are stories and questions about that in the Eunuch Archive,
    it’s not particularly good for the balls, otherwise they wouldn’t be hanging out in the first place. So you should read about it there, I think.
    My balls have always been rather small and close to my body, but I don’t know about yours.

  56. When you have an erection, is your stump at least one inch in length? If it were, you would be able to stimulate the clits of your former girl friends. This would be very exciting for them, getting “fucked” by a cockless guy! I hope this is the case.

  57. My stump is about half an inch. I haven’t told any of my former friends, but it’s a nice thought. But maybe another comes along. Who knows.
    And about the spouse of GW, I don’t know. Did you ask her?

  58. i mentioned it during sexi said during the first sex after she returned after a trip,i cut the head of my dick off it feels good good can you feel the difference?she got off me right then and was turned off.

  59. What are the chances that you might post a few pictures of your erect stump? Just curious.

  60. Yeah — I jut have this urge to cut it off —- always have — i am getting to a point where i can’t even feel it anymore anyways — i was a prostitute for a long time — and bugchased for a long time— i have never topped a guy and enjoyed it — nor do i like women — it is a pointless tool since i get more pleasure out of being fucked up my ass than jacking off. I have these fantasies that i am in prison — and whomever makes me their bitch cuts it off for me to tell everyone else i am his bitch — maybe it is because i hate myself — or maybe not i don’t know.

  61. newsight, I think it would be exciting to consider becoming a cuckold to one of your girlfriends. You could watch a young black twink have sex with her while you fondle your stump. The frustration would be almost unbearable, sexually arousing, and humiliating at the same time. Imagine watching the twink do to her what you used to do, but can no longer achieve. I hope this is as exciting to you as it is to me, and I mean this with all due respect.

  62. newsight, have you experienced any phantom erections since your amputation? I’ve been reading lately about cases where the man had a total amputation, no stump, and experienced phantom erections for nearly twenty years. They were so real that he had to check visually and by feel to see if his penis was really there. Any feedback on this? Again, thanks in advance for any insight.

  63. Hi Ziggy, well, a cuckold, ha, it’s a pity I haven’t got a girlfriend, but I’ll keep it in mind. Every now and the I get the feeling of missing something, when I see a movie with a fucking couple.
    I try to remember how the feeling was and what is was like to glide into a pussy or an ass. Anyway, it’s over.
    About those phantom erections, I still have a little stump which becomes hard all the time, so that’s not really a phantom one, although for instance when I wake up I have these morning erections and there are times when I reach out for my dick, not being wide awake and all, and there’s nothing there.
    Another things occured to me that I dreamed about a girl who wanted to have sex with me and I hesitated because of my missing dick. I wonder if it might have been possible to dream
    about the time when the penis was still there. Funny thing, dreams. Maybe I’ve dreamt that dream, but forgot all about it.

  64. I am so glad to see I am not alone. I too want my penis removed. The thought of having it cut off for someone elses pleasure as well as mine would be fantastic.

    Are there many others out there that want the same?

  65. I have a glansectomy and feel great. I haven’t been able to cum, so I massage and press on my prostate and seminal vesicle (just above the protate where cum is stored) to get a LOT of pleasure. My sex drive has diminished (but that may be because I’m also on Prozac, the “anti-viagra” and that I had an absessed testicle removed around the same time.)

  66. I am a woman and would love to have sex with a penectomy with a stump. can I have this?

  67. I would love to have sex with someoe like you with just one testicle and without a penis, just a stump Jenny

  68. Hi Jenny,
    I’m sure you can, there’s a little hard stump appearing every now and then, just a little more than half an inch, but it’s there, so…… Don’t know about other guys though.

  69. does anyone know how to convince my wife that it is her idea for me to perform self-penectomy?

  70. “There are people who don’t understand I want to be without penis”

    I understand fully. I’m MtF but I don’t so much “want a vagina” as I just “don’t want a pussy”

    nice penectomy. thats kinda what I’d love to have =D

  71. well, I am 22 now, and still haven’t done it. I know enough about it and am waiting for a good time to do it. I hope to do it soon. I was surprised no one has emailed me. If you want to give me advice, feel free to do so.

  72. If anyone is intrested in cutting my dick off please let me know. We can meet up and I will let you tie me up naked to a tree in the woods somewhere. Then as I am helpless you can chop it off with a nice big knife. Girls if intrested contact me on: 07514267674

  73. I have wanted my cock gone for years but can’t find anyone to do it. I can totally relate to being horny and not getting off. I masturbate all the time and stop short of satisfaction. That urge to cum and stopping short is amazing. I can do it for hours. My greatest fantasy is to have a woman take it off for me, she could use any method she wanted. I also love the idea of watching my mate have sex knowing that I would be denyed that same pleasure. Please contact me if you’re interested. [email protected]

    pierced but no gone

  74. i am still waiting if anyones how to convince my wife that she needs to cut my dick off .and then still think it her ideal.or at least ut the hed of my dick off.

  75. I think you’re all making a mistake in assuming the guy is cumming through a reroute. What is actually happening is that his penectomy is a symbol of the total bottom he’s become. He is turned by having men dumping loads in his ass (the second picture) and being used as a sole receptacle.

  76. newsight, instead of a penectomy i’ve had thoughts about taking a reroute and stretching it. this may sound weird but i’ve thought about stretching it to the point of having penetrative sex. the idea is that another penis would be able to enter the enlarged reroute and travel through the expanded urethra of my penis for an intercouse session. my intention would be to keep my balls intact and still ejaculate. do you think this is even possible? what would it do to my bladder control and such? would i get infections frequently? i guess i’m wanting to create a hybrid penis/vagina which can be penetrated and yet still penetrate. best of both worlds? has anyone done this? what you think?

  77. Hi Jack,
    It’s a nice thought, but it’ll take some time to get it right.
    And you have to be very careful about possible bladder infection.
    I’ve had this twice now and with antibiotics it can be cured rather quickly, but it’s not a good thing, especially when it goes further in the direction of the kidneys. The feeling in the urethra is zero, although I must say that since I had a prostate operation my reroute often gets juicy and wet like a vagina. Very strange, but nice as well. Ejaculation goes the other direction by the way, so I cum dry.
    If your idea has been done before? It must be, because fantasy is always one step behind reality. Take care.

  78. Just another admiring wannabee here! Looks great, but I’d keep the balls, you don’t really want to lose that horny feeling do you? I’d love a full penectomy and re-route, but want to keep my treasured balls (which I’ve stretched to 8 inches) in pride of place (which they will be when the horrid cock has gone!)

  79. i’m in ventura county, california. i will jump at the chance to have this done to me.

    any takers.

  80. Steve, how long did it take to get your balls to 8 inches? I’ve been stretching for a couple of years and I can only manage 4.5 inches. Although, I’m usually only able to wear the weights at weekends.

  81. Jason, it took about 3 years of wearing at least one stainless steel split weight CONTINUOUSLY. You will not get there by wearing weight only at weekend, sorry.

  82. I would really love that if my owner would truly appreciate all of the resposibilities. I have found that an orgasm without touching yourself is more intense.

  83. can anyone tell me how i can make this happen. ive been thinking about this for several years and it time. do i try this my-self or does any one now a doctor who will preform this on me?

  84. steve, there’s not a doctor who will do this, apparently.
    so, just like me, you’ll have to do it yourself.

  85. had it done several months ago and i love it. anal stimulation in conjuction with prostate stimulation will give you an orgasm. i cannot discribe how intense an orgasm is where you have nothing to grab a hold of. your entire body shakes! the 4 3/4 inch thing is in our freezer next to my sack and balls.

  86. “had it done” by who, Wil? By a professional? If you’re really happy with it, can the rest of us use the same guy? And why are you keeping your old bits in the freezer? Just in case you run out of food someday? :)

  87. Well, i don’t suppose he fancies doing any more, does he? I just want cock off, balls I keep!

  88. A few questions to people who have had this done, with balls intact or who are on testosterone: has this had any impact on your sex drive? Do you have less interest in sex, look at porn less, fantasize less, or get less enjoyment out of those last two activities?

    If orgasms feel just as good (or in will’s case, better), are you sure that’s not because of something like phantom limb syndrome [I'd guess that depends on where you feel the sensation]?

  89. my old bits are in the freezer because once they came off they became the property of my wife. i don’t know what she plans to do with them
    i was castrated may 05 to include entire sack. my sexdrive was gone before the sutures came out, however i still enjoyed looking at porn, love the female body. when performing oral sex on someone i got a psychological orgasm when they came. by sep i was having hot flashes and night sweats, so my wife started me on hormone replacement, sex drive came right back! may 06 i got a subincision and reroute. may 07 i convinced them to cut off the head, leaving me with about a 4″ stump. this past fall after going 7 mon without hormones i got rid of the stump. when excited blood flows down there with no place to go, the pressure is intense and extremely pleasurable. my wife’s boyfriend left me with aflap of skin slightly bigger than my wife’s clit, i call it my “numb”. i plan on getting it pierced soon.
    he will not do anymore, he tried to talk me out of all the things he’s done. i had to beg to get it and i’m happly.

  90. Thanks for sharing that, wil, you’re a lucky guy, you got what you wanted. Personally I want my cock removed and urethral reroute to behind sack. Eventually I may have balls removed, but not initially. Finding someone in UK to do it is almost impossible.

  91. Steve: I want that too. I tried with the medical way here in Belgium. But, even the shrink doesn’t want to hear about that anymore… I’m not courageous to do it alone like Newsight, so I’m looking for a plan B.

  92. Wow! I think what you’ve done is incredible! I’d love to get it done. I’d definately have my dick off and probably my balls as well. I even thought about having my nipples off as well but I was worried that might be a bit too much. Keep up the good work newsight! By the way, if anyone is interested in removing my penis, testicles, scrotum and possibly nipples as well, please contact me on my e-mail address [email protected]. Thanks!

  93. Heyy!! Me again. Sorry I wrote my e-mail down wrong. It’s actually [email protected]. Remember, if anyone is interested in removing my penis, testicles, scrotum and nipples please contact me. Thanks!! And keep up the good work!

  94. hey newsight, i want to say that i find yr penectomy fantastic!

    also its great knowing that having an external penectomy does not necessarily mean u can’t orgasm anymore. Its very informative for me =)

  95. newsight,

    I greatly admire what you have done, and wish I had the courage (and skill) to remove my own penis. Instead I just keep banding it and hoping it will go away, knowing that the chances of that are next to zero.

  96. I know a guy who came back from Vietnam with no dick. He said he could have sex and reach orgasm. Most of his pleasure involved prostate massage with anal sex. Not sure if he was gay before going to to Vietnam, but he sure was after he got home. He was a popular guy in the gay bars.

  97. Thanks Emily, and orgasm is possible but it’s quite different from the old situation, that’s a fact, although like hdlss_hrsmn
    I banded it for a long time, so the feeling was already very much diminished. But indeed, it won’t go away just by banding, although you’ve got to be careful banding it not too long.
    And I can imagine about the gay bars.

  98. > But indeed, it won’t go away just by banding, although you’ve got to be careful banding it not too long.

    I hope I do band it too long to be saved. I just have to pretend to be devastated in a convincing manner when told it’s beyond saving. :)

  99. hdlss_hrsmn, it’s just when you want to band it beyond saving, you’d better leave the band on, in order to avoid serious blood poisoning. I don’t think you wanna risk that, do you? And put a tube in so you can pee.

  100. I would not take off the band if I actually thought I had succeeded at killing my penis. The whole point is to force a surgical amputation, where saving it is simply not an option. Then I have to pretend to be devastated by this “accident”.

  101. One of My callers directed Me to this site. I think it will be *hours* before I stop smiling… and touching Myself. It reminds Me of My two eunuch slaves (one self castrated, the other due to a tumor) and excites Me trememdously!

    In My years, I have known four eunuchs. Only one had a full penectomy, the other three were testicularly nullified. I haven’t any eunuch slaves or penectified slaves, now, and I’d quite forgot how much I miss them.

    There is nothing quite as much fun as playing with a slave who’s been “smoothed”! I suppose the telephone will have to suffice. Kisses to all!

    Lady Velvet

  102. Lady Velvet,

    I would love to be your slave and you can eliminate any part of my male anatomy that pleases you. If you would rather not perform the actual removal, you could band me and force me to keep the band on until removal will be medically required. You could then use my body in any manner that pleases you.

    [email protected]

  103. Hey I love what you done and I wanted to do just the same for as long as I can remember. I’m only 18 so I’m darn young and all, but if I look back in time, even before I was 7 years old I’ve been trying to get rid of my penis, If I could do it medically, i would remove even the inner penis.
    I don’t want to be a female and I’m not a ftm, I just never ever liked having my penis. These days, all it does is annoying me, I want it done but I do not have the courage. I’ve been out hunting for people who would accept on doing it for me, but apparently people here are afraid of chopping anything of anyone.
    If I cant get help doing it, I will do it myself when I’m 45+ cause doing it myself before that, might just be too soon as I got alot ahead of me and alot of more girls to fuzz around with.

  104. I’ve been coming back here many times over the years, ’cause it is just so desirable. But I can’t help but notice that Shannon says it’ll be mainstream in three years, and that was over three and a half years ago. Where can I find one?

  105. Jason: it’s just like flying cars and cold fusion. They’re ALWAYS 20 years away.

  106. That looks really great! I would like to have a penectomy myself. Unfortunately it is still no mainstream 2011. In fact I can not find a doctor you will do such a wonderful surgery (at least in Germany, If anyone has an adress elsewhere, I would appreciate it.)

  107. I agree it’s wonderful, and I’d so much like to meet one, but there isn’t any way of getting this apart from doing as newsight did.

  108. Most people could never understand this. I am not familiar with the reasons why this man chose to do this. We live in a corporate society built on greed, power and lust. Every home connected and infiltrated with a media device feed society a steady diet of propaganda. By an acute knowladge and understanding of the human phyche, symbolism, gender, sex, imagery and
    music, word and body language, we are being transformed by the grand alchemical architects of an electronic media designed to influence your wants, your desires, your behaviour, your morals and your values. The intent is to keep your mind focused on the material, the physical. when there are many different
    planes of reality. Interesting, the word media was the name of an ancient society of alchemical, astrological, hermetic mystics and sorcerers. We arent talking Harry Potter, but true
    phychological sorcerer who were capable of

  109. mentally mytifying and controlling people. the sorcers of media were well known to the kimgs of the world, who often sought their assistance. Interesting as well, in druidry, wands were made of the wood of a holly tree or hollywood.

    ive said all that to say this, theres more to sex then the physical body. our focus has been made to be purely physical. we miss on all the other things that go with it. one needs no penis to ejaculate. with a Pure mental focus anyone can ejaculate. Wet dreams ect. You can make your self cum with out touching yourself. in a femdom situation this could cause the builds up of an intense physical, emotional and mental connection between the two. Esspecialy when true deep love become, estate involved

  110. I have just had a penectomy not by choice but because of s tumor. I am interested in any females who find it sexy arousing as Im just getting to grips with it metaphorically myself …. thanks

  111. I have to intention to have my dick butchered – at least for now. But the idea of having my sac tattooed intrigues me. I like the guy’s scrotum tattoo, especially the top part that is uniformly black/dark blue. Mine would have to be everywhere like that top part.

  112. one of the first pics I saw online when searching for penectomy information. Mine looks a lot like it now (minus the tats) and can attest for everything said about getting off and how sex is now. I’ve had my penectomy for two years and my only regret is that I never done it sooner. now if I can just find a devotee girl who is attracted to dickless guys….;)

  113. I have gave serious thought to doing this entirely on my own but the thought of infection, blood loss, or ending up with some open wound that won’t close terrifies me. Every place I have sought information on castration or penis removal, even on sites that discuss it, all insist on having it done in a medical facility or at the worst case ends up at a hospital anyway. As extremely personal this choice is, the hospital, is the last place I want to end up and trying to explain my reasons to some idiot shrink for a week or two and at the risk of them sowing the dang stuff back on. I commend Newsight on being successful but seems also to have needed to have medical procedures done to correct his handiwork. My wife is a little shocked at my desire to do this but I have been pleasuring her with toys for so long that the sex thing is not even in question. She is concerned but is willing to let me go through with it but then we are back to square one. She isn’t able to do it for me either. too squeamish. Don’t desire to be anybody’s pet or slave either so that route is closed also. Being able to post about it though is quite refreshing than keeping it to myself and my wife. Good luck to anyone who can free themselves without intervention. I will have to delay a while more myself or until I get the nerve.

  114. Having become eunuch just.over 12 months ago having had longed to be castrated since my teens, and my first wife was willing for me to achieve my goal even willing to perform the surgery herself but we split up before it happened. It was a long road and many attempts with the medical profession before they finally agreed to remove the testicle, (I had the right one removed as a child) now I feel free and also my tight jeans fit far better and now am considering having my penis removed for what I consider to be the perfect shape I have always desired.

    At present I am not taking any HRT and have noticed changes in my body (breast growth and penis atrophy neither of which bother me). Glad I found this site will visit more often

  115. Not a word after so many years…. I fear that Newsight and his tallywhacker are reunited in Valhalla……..

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