Magnetic Implants hit the media

Since WIRED (whose story I found via boingboing) are talking about magnetic implants (click that link for my own experience with them), I thought I ought to re-mention them since BME has been covering them for the last few years. The article finishes by mentioning that a 70-shor silicone is being planned for future magnets, which I have to strongly disagree with. A thin silicone sheath, even if it’s a bit harder, is simply not going to protect the magnet in the long term and I do not consider it a viable option unfortunately.

I hope we figure something out so magnets can be implanted for the long term, because they really are a sixth sense (or at least an interface to the sixth), but I don’t believe the solution lies in silicone, and in fact, I think it’s actually in some ways a worse idea because the magnet lasts longer (probably) before it starts to break down, increasing the chances that there will be complications…

This one here is on Shawn O’Hare (who I’ve mentioned here before), who is experienced enough with a scalpel that I’m sure he can remove his own when the time comes.

4 thoughts on “Magnetic Implants hit the media

  1. Upon reading all about your experiences with this a few months back, I became EXTREMELY intrigued by the possibilities. I would love to get this done, but only if I knew it could be permanent, since I have a feeling I’d really go through a period of loss if I ever had to get rid of them…

  2. The problem with that is if you are ever in dire need of an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) you would’nt be able to. Infact, if you accidentaly walked into the feild of an MRI machine, they’d most likely rip right out of your fingertips.

    Scary! … but that’s just the medical training in me talking. I find the idea fascinating. Although I wonder, shannon mentioned it gave a sort of sixth sense and well, during an MRI you are in effect becoming magnetised.. as in all your hyrdogen atoms line up in one direction and then react to the feild or the radio frequencies.. .. i wonder if that sensation is something like the one felt with the implant? I know for a fact that going through an MRI definitly causes a bizarre “sixth” sense to surge through the body part being scanned.

  3. while i find the idea of magnet implants intriguing,i know i’d probably be more fascinated by the breakdown and interaction of the silicone and magnet with my body more than with the extrasensory sensations,so i’ll just stick to other stuff.

  4. @Politics: What you mentioned is another kink in my desires. Because of a brain tumor a few years back, I have to get regular MRIs. Between having a kick ass sixth sense and keeping my brain, I choose brain.

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