8 thoughts on “Four Gauge Tongue Piercing Tricks

  1. :O! That’s me!! And I look proper cool like…. HA!

    This has made my day :D! That picture must have taken about 8 months ago I think… Hooray! I’m stupidly happy now!

    Thank you Shannon!


  2. that’s quite impressive for a couple reasons:
    1) to be able to hold your tongue steady for long enough
    2) to be able to hold a straight face while doing that.

    i know i would crack up laughing, and in the process burn my lip/mouth/face/nearby surroundings.

    so yeah, def. impressed 😉

  3. Haha the funniest part was the caption ‘..Yeah, I burnt my nose a little bit.’ That cracked me up.

  4. nyne- I don’t think you have to hold your tongue that steady when the candle is through you’re tongue

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