Speaking of big piercings…

Check out TatRouslan from France’s 20mm nostrils (a bit over 3/4″)… So… undersized dogs and oversized nostril piercings it is!

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16 thoughts on “Speaking of big piercings…

  1. it’s kind of cool to be able to see the inside of his nose because of the tunnels :)
    but it must be weird when he sneezes

  2. Not sure I would *want* to see the insides of someone’s nose… hope he clips his nosehairs and blows his nose often!

  3. fucking adorable puppies.

    Mmm. I’m not much a fan of tunnels in places other than ears, although sometimes it’s pretty interesting.
    Then again I’m just not a fan of hugely gauged nose piercings.

    But it’s definitely cool looking. :)

  4. i can only imagine what his colds are like.
    oh well,those are some sweet looking dogs…

  5. Hi to all,

    First of all my nostrils are 26 mm now. I did just sent this picture because I love the way my dogs look on it. So why undersized dogs? My dogs are way prettier than you, Shannon, so stop criticizing them !!!

  6. hey, nothing wrong with a small dog. i got a small little chiwawa named star. little shit keeps me up all night and i want to punt it off of a bridge sometimes like in anchorman, but overall, it’s alright…..and big nostrils are good, check out pauly unstoppable

  7. You know when you leave the house first thing in the morning on a cold day and the wind gets up your nose? well I bet it hurts a little bit then..

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