Wing Scarification

Now, I’ve mentioned time and time again that I think Dave Gillstrap is one of the most talented and cutting edge scarification artists working in the world today. However, and I feel terrible saying this, but when I see these angel wings on Allison, all I can think of is the hullaballoo about the “shell with hidden penis tattoo” a while back.

All I can think of though when I see the top of the wing (mostly because of the glans-defining blood droplet), is that it’s supposed to be a horse penis. I’m sure it will heal fine and of course it’s in part an illusion because of the blood, but in these fresh photos that’s all I keep seeing when I look… Ehhh… My mind is probably warped by looking at too many human penises.

But anyway, I think that piece will look amazng when it’s done, almost like the ghostly white shadow of wings on her back rather than an explicit image like you’d get with a tattoo.

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17 thoughts on “Wing Scarification

  1. Man, now that you mention it, the penis is VERY obvious, though I didn’t notice it until I read your post. However, if that’s just a blood droplet (not a permanent part of the scarification), then it’s fine — no big deal!

  2. Wow — that looks awesome —- I’d be curious to see how that heals on her – ’cause I know that if it were done on me it would be a bit of an experiment to see just how it turns out in the end! (meh — but that’s what makes scarification interesting isn’t it? :P)

  3. I didn’t notice either til it was pointed out…but yeah, it really does look great. And with your description of “ghostly white shadow of wings on her back,” I’m curious to see how it will look healed because that sounds gorgeous!

  4. I noticed the phallus right away, before reading the entry, and had to look twice to see the angel wing. By all means a lovely piece, however, and one I’d love to see a healed shot of.

  5. i see the penis too, actually it was the first thing i noticed, maybe were both derranged ehh?

  6. “Now, I’ve mentioned time and time again that I think Dave Gillstrap is one of the most talented and cutting edge scarification artists working in the world today.”

    Shannon, was that “cutting edge” pun intended?

  7. It’s just a blood droplet, trust me!

    I’m more amused that I’ve been looking at this picture and never noticed it! But on the piece itself… it’s not a permenant part of it.

    Shannon, you’ll have to post more pictures of it later, so people can see something other than that! :)

    Yes, and the ghostly white effect is exactly what I was going for.

  8. hmm, showed up as a blank line… odd. okies, here we go again

    ‘definitely thinks shannon has looked at too many human penises (and yet he thought it was a horse’s penis?) ~_^

    anyway, i didn’t see it, and never would have had someone not pointed it out. it looks awesome!!!’

  9. heh – i was skimming the entries when i spotted this one, so i glanced at the picture before reading any of the text… it looked so blatantly cocklike to me i misread the title as “Wang Scarification” & spent a good 30 seconds (before reading any of the text in the entry) seriously believing this was an intentionally rendered feathered penis backpiece!

    all that said, i’m sure it won’t look nearly so phallic once its cleaned up/healed :)

  10. I hope the person that has this doesn’t read this thenwalk around for the rest of thier lives disturbed because they never ment to have a dick looking angel wing on their back and we have given em a complex about it.

  11. As a …varied freak. *who enjoys watching girls play with horses* That… Looks very little like a horse penis. No flare, heads shaped wrong…

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