Hit counters added

I’ve added some experimental hit counters and entry counters so we can do “top posts” and so on… I’m still fine tuning it (I’m neither a PHP programmer nor a CSS guy) so it won’t look quite the same as it does now (with the top posts at the front of the page; I’ll probably move a longer list into the sidebar). And of course all of the numbers were ’0′ beginning about 11 AM EST on June 9, 2006… I have other features I want to add too but we really need to wait for a new server to come in because this one’s having the occasional kernel panic under the load of everything it’s hosting.

In any case, if the above is totally boring to you, let me distract you with the beautiful Syndel at a higher resolution than you see her in the main title bar above!

Oh, and I’m off now to get my uvula pierced (for the third or fourth time), so I may or may not post again here later tonight, but do expect a members update on the main BME site unless things go terribly wrong, haha…

15 thoughts on “Hit counters added

  1. Every time I read uvula I register it as a female body part, although I should know better by now! Damn perverted mind of mine…

  2. Shannon, check out wp_cache (http://mnm.uib.es/gallir/wp-cache-2/). It won’t help with overall http load, but it will at least reduce db query load, which is probably contributing to kernel panics. It’s not officially supported for WP 2.0.x but I’ve used it with a 2.0 installation and it works.

  3. ZING!
    Good luck with it 🙂
    I like the heart on her chest, looks like it was done with pastel paints, very delicate

  4. I use the WordPress Popularity plugin for determining the top ten posts in my blog; it can be fine-tuned in numerous ways to display the most read entries in selected categories, for example. Hope you might be interested in it. It shouldn’t be a hassle to personalize it to fit Modblog imho, even for a non-PHP programmer (like me too).

  5. Everytime I see those piercings I get all gaggy. Not because I don’t like them (because they look awesome), but because my uvula/back of my throat feels all icky like there’s a hair in there. Eww!

  6. Awsome pics. Wish I could get mine pierced, but it hangs down far enough allready that I choke on it. I might kill myself if I had it pierced.

  7. there are only 2 piercings that gross me out. this is one of them. it’s cuz my gag reflex is in overdrive.

    the one one? the girl version of a pa. i’m prone to uti’s so i wince when i think of it.

    i guess i’m naturally turned off the things that my own body doesn’t agree with.

  8. i tried to find the one thing i like the most about this photo, but everything about her is just so beautiful… i have to agree with Wilbert, though, her tattoo is so lovely.

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