10 thoughts on “It’s like a frame out of a movie…

  1. Dude… I feel like a vampire…

    pale beautiful flesh, piercings, visible veins…


    I officially label this picture masturbation worthy! *check*

  2. like everyone else, i’m stricken by the visible veins. so fragile and beautiful.

  3. wait nevermind, i’m a moron. i see now she has a CBR in her eyebrow… it was just a trick of the light.

  4. my veins being so visible kinda creeped me out, but i think it looks really cool at the same time.

  5. yaaaay anothah Mainah… let me know and i’ll hop in my cah and we can go out to the bahs and pahty grrrl.. haha meow

  6. Wow. All of my life, I’ve been somewhat ashamed of my veins. My face, my chest, my breasts have always had a web of prominent blue veins. (Very bright after sex…) I don’t own many low cut shirts, because when I have worn them in the past, I have gotten asinine comments. It’s so good to know that there are people who think that they are beautiful. I’m pale and proud.

    I’m going to wear a low cut shirt today.

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