Pregnant Bree

Since people seemed to really like the photo of Matthew and Bree (taken by the very talented Hypnox), here’s another from the same photoshoot:

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20 thoughts on “Pregnant Bree

  1. She really is gorgeous. There is just something innately beautiful about a pregnant woman. They just sort of glow.

  2. Her belly is really low, which means its going to be a boy!! yay!! hihi a new baby son of BME to add to the army of babies who seem to be invading IAM! LOL ;)

    I’m guessing that’s henna on her belly? Its certainly looks like it; has that distinctive brown hue to it.

  3. Nevermind that question, I just realised that it is infact Henna.. she’s got some on her hands and fingers too.

  4. Never count on the high or low of the belly to tell the sex. My first son was high right up to the time I went into labor. My second son was midway. The only sure way to tell is once that wonderful little baby is born. LOL.
    Truly beautiful pictures. I agree there is something truly wonderful about pregnant women.

  5. Carrying high or low has to do with your abdominal muscles not the sex of the baby, but old wives tales are fun :)

    beautiful picture by the way

  6. Pregnant women give me the hugest … you know.

    That’s the ultimate sexy.

  7. With the light and the bandana she reminds me of some sort of old school portrait, very girl-with-the-pear-earring-but-naked-and-pregnant looking.

  8. Pregnant stomachs are stunning.
    She is deffinately one of the most beautiful mum to be’s I have ever seen.
    Hope her son/daughter takes after her.
    Also a beautiful tattoo

  9. That’s gorgeous. :)

    Pregnant women definitely are beautiful. Incredibly sexy.

    The tattoo is stunning now, but I’m sure in time it’s not going to be as pretty…

  10. She is ABSOLUTELY beautiful!!! This is a great picture for her to have been able to have in her pregnancy!!

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  12. For the record, that is not a tattoo on her stomach, it is henna done especially for this shoot.

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