Genital cigarette Burns

For those of you wondering what kind of damage cigarettes would do to your package but are too afraid to try, here’s a couple of photos for you:

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44 thoughts on “Genital cigarette Burns

  1. ok i know ur not meant to be negative about mods and stuff but this is just fuked

  2. I don’t know about this kind of thing, personally I don’t call it modifying one’s body, I call it externalizing deep seated emotional issues about sex or one’s sexuality… but that’s just me.

  3. He better just pray he doesn’t end up with some horribly untreatable infection.

  4. Salinger, psychoanalysis got old and tired when actual analysts were doing it…

  5. The only thing I have to say is, damn is that going to itch like hell in a few days!

  6. I always wondered what turns people on to gential burning and mutilation…? Self hatred? Abused as a child? i dun know… the only thing i do know is that it is not for me… *sings* ” you can wrap it up in ribbons, you can slip it in a sock, but don’t tak it out in public or they’ll slip you in the dock and you won’t come back…”

  7. also, it looks as though the urethra is burned shut?!?!?! yikes… is that the case…?

  8. Salinger/Gato – Sensation is sensation. Some people draw different lines between pleasure and pain than others. For you this would be unhealthy, but for someone else it isn’t. People are not all the same, and it’s unreasonable to assume that everyone gets turned on by the same things as you do.

  9. i don’t even have a penis and still felt thee need to shut my legs tight!

    i just hope that doesn’t become infected.

  10. Salinger said: I don’t know about this kind of thing, personally I don’t call it modifying one’s body, I call it externalizing deep seated emotional issues about sex or one’s sexuality…

    I say: And that’s different from modifying one’s body how? Many, many people use body modification (tattoos, piercings, and yes, burning oneself with cigarettes) to “externalize deep seated emotional issues”. I don’t think it’s fair to try to separate the two. Doing so gives legitmacy to people who use body mods for purely aesthetic reasons, and robs legitimacy from those who don’t.

  11. ouch >.o
    whateva floats your boat, but i would like to see some healed pictures one day

  12. I know you can get cancer from cigarettes (lungs, throat, skin ect…) but can you get penis cancer from cigarettes? :P

  13. That HAS to hurt.. there’s no humanly possible way that that didn’t hurt.. but question is.. did he like it?

    My concern is with infection as well, simply because of the crap that actually is in cigarettes.. , however ive discovered that a human body in general average form is incredibly resistant to infections. i mean.. extreme tolerance. i was amazed. so i highly doubt this guy will have trouble.. it just looks so raw and … diseased .. but i guess if he takes good care of it… eeeouch

  14. two things: Heavy scarring and previous scarring. Something tells me we’re going to see this same penis lying on a cutting board someday. Or in a jar, or being cooked, or maybe the balls out, or just some combination. Has BME ever considered a Castration/penectomy Pool? You choose to enter, all the wannabe Eunuchs/smoothies get a shot and let people bet as a fundraiser. The winnings would be ‘split’ amongst the winner and a scholarship ‘awardee’ case who wants the proceedure. God its late…I know something’s wrong when I’m trying to ideate to help out the ‘nuts off’ brigade. Glad there’s space for it all here, whatever people think.

  15. That HAS to hurt.. there’s no humanly possible way that that didn’t hurt..

    That made me giggle.. 99% of the content on this site *has* to hurt.. :P

  16. Of course it ‘has to hurt’. For a good many people, that’s the whole point.

    That said, yikes.

  17. Yeah… people responding with “doesn’t that hurt?” to examples of extreme masochism boggle my mind.

    No, it feels like petting kittens. WTF?

  18. i got the end of a ciggie dropped down my tshirt when I was 7 and I still have the scar down my back…

    Cigarettes… ewwww. Now if he used a soldering Iron……..


  19. Easy…easy folks…Yes it hurts, but some get a thrill off of it. I burned my nipples pretty good once w/ a cig, and for me it felt awesome. ADRENALINE RUSH! My nip was burnt pretty good, but it came back. His cock will too. AND he’ll do it again…Atta boy!!!

  20. Here you can see – to smoke isn’t good for healthy!
    But it looks very hot and it was hot, yes!?
    The overcoming of pain brings the sex rush, that’s right. And the cbt and cutting in sac or cock was always a wonderfull experience, brings pain, fun, lust, satisfying and exciting, thrilling with the greatest coming splashes after it.

  21. This is for the comments up on top.. I know that just because you get molested or have some fucked up childhood it doesn’t make you do this.. It’s not a I hate my father type of shit that every “normal” person says it is.. And I say normal very lightly because every person on this planet does something that someone else thinks is not normal….

  22. Awesome – looks like you could use a good rubdown after to ease the pain. Does blowing help cool it off?

  23. I’m a little bummed that I just found this and that it’s dated back a couple years… chance of response to my comments are pretty slim. I too do some pretty painful things to myself, yet don’t consider myself a masochist. I’m just wired a bit different. Pain inside my penis IS pleasure… can’t climax without it. Been that way ever since I can remember. I too would like to see “healed” pix to see what lasting damage there is. Would love to correspond with those that do extreme acts on themselves to see what reprecussions there are afterward and how long it takes to heal, etc, also what their motivation is… self hatred or pain/pleasure. Is there a message board for this Shannon?

    P.S. My pix have been on the BME site a couple of times.

  24. SirDavidLee –
    Honestly, i guess it depends on how your body handles scarring in it’s more sensitive areas.
    I personally have not gone much further than self mutilation, but your question has no true absolute.
    Test once one your groin area perhaps?
    I did, just now, hurts like shit.

  25. Just a Quick Edit..
    When i said self mutilation, i should have been more specific.
    Cutting for release, and personal enjoyment. I haven’t gained the stoned for much more yet…
    Working on it :)

  26. ohhhh!!!!!!!! I love the picture i already felt hornines in the cigarette burn!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  27. This photo made me horny. I let my former gf burn my penis with her cigarettes when we were together. She got “turned-on” by giving my penis extreme pain and I got “turned-on” by taking it. I used to tell her, “If I can’t take it… I didn’t need it anyway!” I admit it was a challenge a few times to readily submit my manhood to her tortuous whims. One of her favorites was to get a group of friends together and have them watch as I poked my fully erect penis into a fully loaded mouse trap. It always amazed everyone that my manhood could survive many of her tortuous devices. But it was kind of fun too. It was our thing. I’m happy to say she has moved onto torturing someone else and I still have my fully functioning manhood attached.

  28. Hi all, just wanted to add, i do this all the time, in many different degrees.
    It always heals fine, just keep it clean & maybe some anticeptic cream & all’s good.
    Mine started a long time ago as just a smoking fetish, but it grew quickly into this direction, so as far as i care i now have the fullness i was obviously missing. I simply cannot describe the pleasure over pain from it, the thrill & adrenaline takes over. Never mind healed pics, i would love to have seen the act.
    Im seeking a like minded female in the UK to indulge with me, but it’s just not something you talk to much about lol.
    Thanks for reading.

  29. I am an old man (70+),and I have enjoyed burning my penis since puberty. For over half my life, I’ve been married to a wonderful woman, who does this for me. This is not an act of cruelty, but an act of love, in which she delivers an orgasmic level stimulation. Avoiding cigarettes, I have had good results using the ember on the end of a small (1/8 to 5/16″) wooden dowel, heated in a candle flame. Healing time is 1 to 2 weeks, for a good burning. The shaft heals faster than the glans. A few small burns will heal faster than a single large burn. A generous coat of Vasoline or Aquaphor post burning will help. Happy fun sex.

  30. @grandpa you’re a lucky one. i envy you. and i am only in my 30s

    grandpa is right, it is a fetish it is dangerous and needs aftercareand depending on how it is done it leaves marks for weeks, months or even permanent and is nothing that can/should be done lightly.

    i have burnt my glans with a soldering iron myself in front of my webcam and enjoy both being tortured by a loving partner but also by a cruel sadist for their pleasure.

    i would go any further with the right/wrong person, but doubt this can be called a body mod, even when writing a word on the cock with that method.

  31. Change is the only constant. My wife now has Alzheimer’s, and has lost the dexterity for such play. I have found several ladies who burned my penis with a 1/8 ” stick. Some were better than others, but no one injured me.
    A soldering iron is much more intense than a stick. If you want something in between, a fireworks lighting punk (medium size) is a nice option. Happy fun sex.

  32. Hi i just recently ask my gay friend to use his cigarette to burn my penis frenulum and what will happen to the skin it does not have a cigarette burn but just line scars ?

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