Inner Fourchette Piercing?

So we’ve been debating here at the BME HQ whether this is an “inner fourchette”, or if it’s actually a hymen piercing (on a remnant perhaps — what do you think?). Liz got this very unusual piercing done by Brody at Elwood’s Body Mod in BC. As it heals I will be very interested to hear how it does and if it’s comfortable or not…

(Click for a clearer photo).

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13 thoughts on “Inner Fourchette Piercing?

  1. How did she even request this?? Walk into the shop and request a literal vaginal piercing?

  2. I was going to get this piercing done. Requesting it constituted the following:
    1- Walk into studio
    2- Blush furiously
    3- “Hi. I don’t know what this piece of skin is. Can you pierce it?”
    4- More with the blushing.
    We sat down and looked through some anatomy books together, and couldn’t find the anatomical bit, let alone a piercing of it. I didn’t end up getting it done, and had four inner labia piercings done instead. I’m still kind of wanting to get it done, but worried about the logistics of sex and stuff. It is such a THIN piece of skin, and on me, it definately looks like the remains of my hymen.

  3. yes, that’s the toughened remains of old hymen. you can tell because of the ring that connects it around the vagina.

  4. hmm,i think it’s a piercing of the hymen…but who knows?
    i’d be so scared i’d rip that out during sex or heavy masturbation:/

  5. PERSONALLY I think it would be uncomfortable during penetrative play — and I’ve talked to quite a few people who feel the same way about fourchette piercings. As I said, I’ll be very interested in hearing what she thinks of it.

  6. It’s a hymen piercing I believe
    Look here
    I always thought a fourchette was more of like the female version of a guiche just it exits the rear end of the vagina. that peircing seems more forward and towards the side and deep?

  7. Sorry to detract from the intellectual disccussion about hymen, but did anyone else find it amusing that the above diagram had to include “anus”. All out there on its own.


  8. well if yo ucan believe that there is full gorwn ladies out there that dont know what a clitoris is, i ran into one she came in for a piercing she was looking thru the pics and said i want that one (a hood piercings) sheasked me what that was i told her and she was clueless, so i can see why they had to include that one in there, but way out there maybe the artist need to add his favorite part in kinda special like

  9. oh yeah just think about all the stupid warings out there, about things tha should be common sense like on coffee cauction contents hot, among others

  10. hehe yeah… Sneezy.. did you not demonstrate to her what the clitoris was for?

    (maybe i shouldn’t have typed that… :O )

  11. holey hymen bat-man… haha… get it? cause she’s got a hole in her…. oh forget it… haha

  12. Daddy Likey! Boy, Mother Nature’s [or heredity's] strange sense of humor. It looks like a skin tag-?! I’ve seen more than my share of “like anatomy”, but I’ll bet dollars-to-donuts that this one won’t stick around for long. Several reasons of course…but it looks cool. I wouldn’t mind playing with it for awhile ;)

  13. well it was funny i touched her clit for the marking and she was like oh what was that, and i had the head peircer (my boss she was awesome) come in and finish i could not hold it together, i laffed for 30 minutes straight

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