This is literally the most rare body modification I have posted to BME up to date. Superincisions, where the top of the penis is opened up rather than the bottom, are virtually unheard of. This may be the first one that I have ever seen. Click the picture to unpixelate.

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49 thoughts on “Superincision

  1. That’s, wow. I have to wonder where a man gets the idea ‘Hey, how about I cut this in half right here and let it splay open.’…. fascinating.

  2. i would prolly have to say cutting yer cock in this fashion would be rare due to the fact that it is just feckin’ crazy… dun get me wrong… as Kartman said, “it’s ma body, i’ll do what i want!!!” but seriously, it’s starting to look like more and more like a vagina and less like a penis, dun know if that’s ther goal but all the powah to ya… and people think jacko is wacko… well, time to go tie up the girlfriend, stick needles through her tits, throw pancakes on her face while listening to The Best Of Huey Lewis and the News album… i want a new drug…

  3. gato, stop proving you’re a 14-year old boy.

    people do this because they’re eccentric and sexually advanced, and can handle sex feeling better. you are not, and you can not. get over it and grow up.

  4. they’re much rarer than subincisions because slicing through the tissue on the topside of the penis is far more difficult and dangerous than the underside – same goes for the topside of the glans being tougher than the bottomside. most superincisions that are done are done to make a bisection, with the subincision already cut because it’s so much easier (though it’s not a walk in the park either).

    all that is according to the BMEncylopedia, anyway :p. aesthetics probably comes into play, too – i think meatotomies and subs are just cuter than supers.

  5. Wow, that is very intense.
    I wonder what type of sensation one would experienced once it’s well healed? Would there be any desensitization or hightened sense of feeling?

  6. I agree Yellowtail.

    And is it me, or does the second picture resemble a character? ^_^

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  8. i think it looks nice…as long as it works properly then it doesn’t matter how it’s cut/shaped/etc.

  9. this is very interesting, i have aften thought about doing this too, but i already have a full subincision, i suppose an easy way to accomplish a superincision is go for a full bisection and then rejoin the subincision side back together.
    Perhaps they owner of these pics wishes to come forward and add his entry on here too?

  10. “the most rare body modification I have posted to BME up to date”

    Somehow, I think it won’t be so rare in the months/year to come… (take tongue splitting for example: once it was ‘OMG! WTF! ‘, now it’s ‘Tongue splitting, cool’, in a few years it will be ‘Your tongue is split? So what ? ‘

  11. i’m a little confused, is it not just the same as a bifurication (penis splitting, if that’s not the right word)?

  12. It’s not the same as bifurcation because the penis is not completely split in half. It seems more common to either see a subincision (split on bottom) or a full split, a superincision is a rare choice in penis slicing.

  13. When exactly did “modification” become a synonym for “mutilation” ???

  14. zyntrax: well, simple answer: about 30,000 years ago (at least) humans figured out that by modifying their genitals in order to expose more nerves and get more stimulation, sex felt better.

    Religion has helped us civilized folk forget that all we meatbags really are on an objective level are sexual reproduction machines, so most people live lives not getting the most out of their bodies.

  15. I wonder how a modified dick feels from the female perspective . . whether its a superincision or subcision.

  16. And people wonder why Germany’s health system wouldn’t cover the expenses of a treatment to someone like this, who can perform such a dangerous (I hesitate to use the term) ‘surgery’ upon themselves?… he’s not even wearing gloves, and his genitals are over a regular table cloth. Pus ridden infection, anyone?

  17. wow i hope we can see healed photos too! i wonder if its as pleasing as a subincision, more, or less

  18. Amanda I was wondering the same thing. In fact I think of it anytime I see any kind of modification to a penis. Unfortunately guys around here are all too plain. :(

  19. I find the genital splitting both totally fascinating as well as worrying…I wouldn’t know what to do with one if I ever came across one. Still … they look rather sexy :)

  20. “I wonder how a modified dick feels from the female perspective . . whether its a superincision or subcision. ”

    Well… as someone who’s generally very turned-on by the modified male form I have to say that in my limited experience in the area (ie. only a couple!) — things generally feel the same. The only thing I noticed was that the penis was potentially less rigid — not that I attempted to bend it or anything! But a non-*incised penis just generally feels more…..solid, I guess. (Which is suppose is something what would expect when splitting their genitals!)

    Honestly though — my motto is that if he’s happy with it then that’s cool!

  21. Yes, male genital modifications of this type tend to create a larger sensation change for the guy. There is some chance in the way the penis moves, as well as the fact that it’s often slightly larger after the modification, but many women really don’t notice a huge difference.

  22. I wonder why they’re so rare. Hm. This is the week for Fun and Entertaining genital modifications!

  23. I in no way denegrate this fellow’s flesh sculpting endeavors; the bottom shot does have an interesting profile, but I do hope it is done for more than sexual gratification. Quite frankly, that’s backwards magic. Increasing sexual joy (not pleasure) is best achieved thru Tantra or such. Seriously, why aim at the genitals only, when “fire breath” lights up your entire torso, at least to your chest. This can be achieved without even touching the genitals (tho much more fun when one does). But, please, continue any and all flesh sculpting for the sake of aesthetic diversity. God loves pretty flowers.

  24. split your cock along and deeper1
    With two halfcock you will have more fun and possibilities for sex-games, allone and at two! Imagine you.
    And the cutting is an exciting and satisfying act – i have realised!
    good luck and fun!

  25. Weird question, but I have never seen it answered, can a fully split cock still get hard? I’ve seen the pics of the guys peeing and I know it makes a mess, but I have never seen one aroused.

  26. Hy tracy! The cock will be hard and thicker than before splitting! I have pics at my iam-site! and i have asked shannon, if he can load the pics here to modbloc. Than you can see and spell with me, either the cocks are hard enough.
    Because of me age sometimes my wife has to help for the erection by massage the cocks! That’s a wonderful help – i say to you!! But sometimes necessary. And than she has good cocks outsides and insides her pussy!

  27. Everyone is different, and everyone must find different ways to physically express themselves. Some guys get superincisions and end up able to have urethral sex. I mean, that sounds like an interesting alternative to getting a truesexual inversion, or straight nullo. They all have their place in society. If it seems to strange to you, there’s always something that you could relate to better.

  28. Believe it or not, cutting is the relatively easy part…….Just cut straight. Healing it so as not to rejoin is a real job!

  29. I am amazed at the number of people in the BME community that assume that everyone must have vginal or anal sex. First off, if I should have to choose to share my sexual experiances with anyone it would be another man. About the superincision. I would think that if a man were involved in hetrosexual activity in the standard missionary position, the superincision would be able to stimulate the female clitoris while penetration is taking place. I personally have found the the inside exposed area has way more sensitivity than the outside of the glans. I did not do the cutting all at once. It has been a long going proceedure. Small cuts at a time. The photos that are posted are deceiving, as it does look like the split is all totally fresh. I do take care to see that the area and my hands are clean. I don’t smoke or drink. I make sure I dont take anything like asprin, ibuprofen, or things that might thin the blood. I take supplements that contain vitamin K. Green tea. The bleeding is minimal and easily controlled by using a stypic pencil,(used for shaving nicks). Also I have found that the deeper you cut the less pain is involved. The ONLY pain at all is during the actual cutting. I decided on a superincision because, for one, it is different, and that my scrotum started up high, about an inch below the frenlum area. I did not want to attempt a scrotum split to obtain a full subincision. I NEVER do any cutting during a “sexual hot scene”. Great care is taken. As it has been said before, what is odd and unusual today mill become the mainstream of tomorrow. I will guess that by this time next ear there will be other men who have their own photos posted in the Superincision section of Bmezine. I am also suprised at the number of BME members that are turned shocked and off by this modification. Even the people that do not like it still find time to look. I am an active member of BME and my IAM name is “splitcox”. Visit my page and say hi.

  30. SC, maybe you should have the healed version posted. I guess things always look worse until they have healed, even a simple cut on our fingers look very raw in the first few days.

  31. I didn’t post the photos. I just stumbled onto this blog quite by accident. There are plenty of photos of mine posted in the files of bmezine. (And some yahoo groups).

  32. Hmmm these are the only type of photos posed on this site that makes me see things from the otherside.The other side being on how people look at me I fall in2 more than one catagory on this site even on the extreme side of things .But hey to each thier own i am just very gladd that i dont have a desire to slice,dice or cut up my cock :-) Id rather cut off my finger with a stone blade……….which is in the works….

  33. That is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen people say that in enhances sexual pleasure but who in the fuck would let that thing be put in there body tottally disgusting but people are people and individuals are individuals so more power to you!

  34. Well some man want to have new penis appearance to attract people.
    This type of penis give more enjoyment in sex,more feeling.

  35. I am fascinated by this decision because it is a one way street with a permanency that makes me truly curious about the depth of decision making that was applied. As a counselor I have worked with individuals who have engaged in BME actions as well as sexual reassignment. Some have a wonderful experience because they spent the time and depth of thought that contributed to a healthy personal decision and the diminished capacity (compared to those with “natural” genital structures) were not a surprise. Others, have expressed that they took the action on the basis of a very well developed personal fantasy of the outcome and were horribly disappointed. Worse, many of those have expressed that they did not fully consider the consequences both physically and emotionally. The source being most did not fully anticipate changes in their lifestyles as the course of their lives traveled in unexpected directions. A few indicated that the blocked themselves from such possibilities without fully being aware and had deep regrets. Sadly, I have seen some individuals destroy themselves as a result.

    I have nothing against these actions per se. Indeed, for some they are very rewarding. These are unnecessary actions but some find reward sufficient to make these permanent decisions.

    I simply suggest that anyone considering these modifications deeply and seriously consider the full implications before taking any action. A momentary feeling is just that: momentary. These are life long decisions and I support anyone who is willing to take the time and seriousness of such a permanent decision before taking action.

    Please please please take into consideration that many people have regret but in order to function as an individual moving forward many construct an internal thought world that supports this decision they cannot take back. It is their responsibility to refrain from recruitment as that is a tell tale sign of internal regret – IE: If someone else will do it also than I feel better about a decision I seem to regret.

    All my best to you all. Be careful! Be safe! Be smart! Have fun!!

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