Five needle corsets

c/o Fuzzybeast

12 thoughts on “Five needle corsets

  1. Hehehee you go girl! ;) Always looking the hottest whitney!!

  2. whitney = playpiercer extraordinaire. with a super sweet tattoo to go with it :)

  3. she seriously looks like someone caught her of guard
    love the tattoo though just her face looks weird

  4. Thanks for the compliments everybody!

    Except for you “/”- anonymously making fun of strangers is totally lame… jerk.

  5. You can always tell when someone is trying just a little too much for attention.

  6. Fuck you. I did it because it’s fun. And because listening to Ashlee Simpson makes me feel like doing dirty stuff. Yer an ass. I’d fight you. Jerk.

  7. Brent has a point when i looked at her, i thought lame the ribbons arn’t doing anything , wow a couple of pins in da leg and a ugly bull nose and some crap tattoo, its boring. Like get some of the m ear things , some asain foot binding shoes and a knife in ur back

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