Those are some big pecs…

…but are they real? Damn, photos like this make me realize what bad shape I’m in. Well, not bad shape, but let’s say how much nicer shape I’d like to be in. I started my last relationship as a fat guy (like 265 pounds)… I think when I start over, I’d like to do it a bit more athletically.

Anyway, sorry for rambling — nice 6ga nipple piercings too.

43 thoughts on “Those are some big pecs…

  1. eugh, I wouldn’t say that’s attractive. I hope he’s got lats to match, or else he’ll have a humpback as well.

    To each his own though.

  2. I have breasts of my own — why would I want my man to have them too? I don’t care if they’re pure muscle, they look like breasts to me. Last time I checked, breasts aren’t masculine.

    It’s like looking at a super buff trannie.

  3. maybe they are fake, he does have pretty big scars going up to his nipples.

  4. I see horizontals scars from the nipples.. So my question is are they implants? I doubt they could be that big and they hang over a lot, they look unnatural.. to me anyway. Maybe I’m just used to pigeon chests.

  5. my first thought was steroids but now i too see the scars… things that make you go, what you talkin’ ’bout willis?!?!

  6. yeah i agree they dont look natural at all. maybe they are implants. i didnt notice the scars until you mentioned something Pseud. but to each their own. whatever makes you happy.

  7. Big tits on guys are such a turn-on… regardless if they’re gym-tits or fat-tits…

  8. Y’know, I would have thought BME would be the last place people would whine about other people’s bodies…

  9. I don’t think the scars are from implants. If he were to have an implant scar, it wouldn’t be somewhere so incredibly obvious. Most of the time, cosmetic surgery is about subtlety. The scars for implants would probably be in the armpit region to make them less noticeable.

    I know way too much about plastic surgery. No more TLC for me!

  10. the scars next to the nipples look a lot like stretch marks, which would make sense in this situation.

  11. i wouldn’t mind his pecs because as long as he thinks they are nice then it doesn’t matter…now i want to gauge my nipples too!

  12. so shannon i was still waiting to see if you would post a pic of the S & M tool company? and the erection and welding shop for all your needs? glad you are still keepin up with this as lots of ppl like (including me)

  13. It’s all muscle and its all nice. He can flex for me any day. I bet he can make that jewlery dance beautifuly.

  14. stretch marks are never that uniform or symetrical. i would GUESS that he has pec implants (they do look rather unnatural) but also consider that he appears to be into weight training, it’s not like he’s some wimpy guy sporting HUMONGOUS pec implants, it’s possible his chest is just like that.

    also, some men develop breasts during adolescence, and there is surgury that can be performed to remove the breast tissue… that could leave scars like that.

    anyway, this is all just speculation.

    (for the love of god, nipple piercings should match)

  15. OOOH my, Amanda, i was focusing so hard on the chest that i didn’t see the vein! I see it now!!!!! *drool*

  16. I used Anabolics in every form during my “hard” training yrs & speak from experience on this one; [providing it IS the cause/effect] With anabolics [or especially implants] I don’t think the results [compared to just a few more SENSIBLE hours a week in the gym] are worth it in the end, not to mention the $$$.

    Egads man!

  17. This man has had surgery. Silicon pectoral implants. I hope this clears it up for you. 🙂

  18. You are making some of the ladies jealous. Forget the negative comments. They say it, but do not really mean it. Size regardless of how it is obtained is ALWAYS good.

  19. Analysis:
    Looking at the upper right pectoral area near the “veined arm” you can see that these are not totally bodybuilding induced pecs. His right arm is proportionally too small in proportion to the pecs. Additionally there is no hint of underlying muscle striation which should show somewhat in a pectoral of this size. The roundness and perfection of shape all indicate some sort of implant.

    Synthol injections probably could not acheive this level of smoothness. The horizontal scar radiating inward from the nipples could be the result of previous surgery brought on by overzealous synthol or silicone injection, resulting in abcessess.

    Having said all that (lLOL!) – I also I love them. Beautiful male pecs are my obssession and I’d love to have this look myself.

  20. wow!!! that are very good pecs, if I have the opportunitie I will esating from that meat, god bless it!!!

  21. I for one think his pecs look awesome. I love big pecs, whatever size they are. And for the “experts” on here, those are definitely NOT implant scars. Implant incisions are never made on the most visible part of the chest like that! As if they would could at the side of the nipples.

    Anyway, I think his pecs are damn sexy.

  22. ifbb pros dont have pecs like that. this guy does on such a smalll frame look at his shoulders. implants hardcore

  23. The scars arent where pec implants would go in. they have to be placed under the muscle so they are incerted on the side or bottom. He may have them, but my guess is that he’s well into bodybuilding, probably abused steroids and as a result had gynecomastia (man boobs) looks more like a scar from that. Like a woman that has had a mastectomy would have.

  24. Some peoples ignorance makes me laugh. Just because some people are large and fit they are accused of taking steroids, they arn’t some miracle drug that makes you massive within a year you know!

    Also for the first comments, most bodybuilders/powerlifters don’t go to the gym for other peoples approval. If I wanted to look more attractive I would diet right down and loose all my muscle, yet I don’t

    However I do agree these look fake, maybe just a bad photo? Sinc ehis arms are definatly developed and he has nice relaxed traps.

    Rant over 😀

  25. Actually…I think he has had his nipples surgically moved. His nipples are way to far lateral. The centers of the scars look slightly circular and are in the location where his nipples used to be. But the question is…..why would someone want his nipples moved. I know women have their nipples moved when they get breast reducations or enlargements so they are in the right location…..but this is different.

  26. My friend has developed pecs of a similar size and shape as a result of working out regularly over the last year or two. This guy just looks to be in good shape to me, I suspect the scars are unrelated to the size of his chest. Joe might be onto something with the nipple relocation. I think a well-developed musculature on men is attractive, although not necessary for a man to be attractive. And from a purely practical point of view, big pecs are comfy.

  27. Thanks for all you comments ! 🙂
    Just some explanations about my my chest.
    It is not fake although it could look like because of the two cicatrices.
    They are due to a surgery I had nearly ten years ago because of a gynecomastia problem… coming from the abuse of steroids!
    A plastic surgeon would NEVER leave such cicatrices in the middle of his patient’s chest.
    I was 42 yo when the pic was taken. I’m now 46 yo and it took many time to develop my body (not only the pecs 😉 )
    I definitely stopped steroids so I lost weight… and I feel much more better now.
    I agree with some of you who think big nipples are not attractive. That’s why I removed them (you can see me shirtless on my FaceBook account).
    In one word: train as much as you can/want, but SAFE.
    You can have a well toned/leaned shape buy controlling your diet.

  28. I love your beautiful big pecs (I don’t care how you got them). Gives me something to aim for. Big pecs always look good on a guy. As for the nipples ,I have spent years getting the biggest nipples possible and recently had my areolas tattooed to 65 mm (2.6 inches across) I love them and a lot of people have told me they look fabulous.I would love to post a photo of them on here.

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