One in the stink… emphasis on "stink"

Shocker tattoo by Kristoph at Dr. Jacks Ink Emporium in Omaha.

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20 thoughts on “One in the stink… emphasis on "stink"

  1. Ohhhhhhhh….. sitting in the middle of my studio with 4 ppl staring @ the monitor. It took us like 5 minutes and a google search before we figured out the joke. =^_^=

  2. I’m suprised at how many people haven’t heard of the shocker. Hah. 2nd shocker tat I’ve seen, I still prefer the zombie one over this one though.

  3. I almost woke up my whole house laughing!
    Not heard of in my neck of the woods. Im sure a girl would get some shock alright receiving that.
    I like the little bit of poo on the pinkie also! adds a certain something to it :D

  4. I actually have seen this tattoo before. It’s still funny though.
    I also am surprised that there are people for whom the shocker isn’t instantly recognisable.

  5. Hahaha. Too much man. Reminds me of last weekend when I saw a guy at a grind/metal show with a shocker T-Shirt. He had a real sick pedophile mustache and as it turned out he had a fondness for the supple shoulders of pretty emo boys. I was on the balcony.

  6. I think someone (maybe me if I can pull references together) should update that Wikipedia Shocker page. The “Notable Appearances” section has the photo of the Witchita State cheerleader showing a variation that is properly called “The Juice Maker” where the thumb is kept extended for clitorial stimulation. That popular reference may well be known to those in Witchita, as the well known Kansas City DJ Johnny Dare makes frequent mention of it on his morning show, and his show was (still is?) rebroadcast via pirate radio in Witchita. Official Station Morning Show Site Official Show Site

    They used to have a gallery of shocker photos, but they’ve jsut had site redesigns, so those may be gone.
    Many people have heard of the shocker, very few have tried it. I must say, it gives me a hand cramp after a bit. ;)

  7. Haha never heard of a shocker before but that’s the funniest shit ever. I like the wikipedia part explaining ’2 in the pink.. and 2 in the goo etc.’ Haha awesome tattoo.

  8. It really does surprise me how many people haven’t heard of the Shockerrrr ;)
    it always makes me giggle, and so did this tattoo.

  9. going to town with one in the brown
    thats another variation i have a couple of other funny sayings

    every hole is a goal
    meaning doesnt matter what a girl looks like its just a shag

    if there is grass on the pitch lets play
    meaning if the girl has pubes you can shag her lol

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