Two Sleeves; One additive, one subtractive

The Escher lizards on the left (their first tattoo by the way) are by Jim Judeikis at Saints and Sinners in Baltimore, MD. Thanks also to The Fog (also in a small group of artist that I’d consider the defining minds in the genre of skin removal) for the fresh floral piece on the right (see more in the Ryan Ouellette Scarification Portfolio).

15 thoughts on “Two Sleeves; One additive, one subtractive

  1. Oh man. Escher. I did all of my projects in art class about him. I want an escher-esque tattoo… maybe a couple of lizards… maybe aligators… who know!

    I wish I was able to do something that big for my first tattoo!


  2. I’ve wanted Metamorphosis II as a full-length sleeve on my right arm since I was about 16…Maybe when I’m 26? 4 years to go…?



  3. Heres something to do when you are bored! try count the amount of lizards! 😀 i gave up

    The scarification is lovely, very ornate.

  4. I love the Escher one as well. I’ve often thought a lot of his work would be amazing to get inked. And the scarification is lovely – truly organic.

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