Two My Little Pony Tattoos

This isn’t the first time I’ve posted My Little Pony tattoos. I thought though that I should still share this one on thyA by Bammer in Vienna. I hope it delights you as much as it did my three year old daughter (no, she doesn’t read ModBlog of course, but I do show her tattoos I think she’ll like)!

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19 thoughts on “Two My Little Pony Tattoos

  1. I was just thinking to day how happy I would be if I looked and I had My Little Pony on me some where….they are just so damn cute

  2. plz note that bammer actually inks in germany, berlin / kreuzberg actually- but he comes to austria once in a while ^^

    thx for having me on the modblog, it makes me so damn proud *yeah* this i my first tat ever

  3. I have a My Little Pony Sleeve and about 100 My Little Ponies going back to 1982.

  4. I used to have a toy chest full of those things. Still think they’re nifty. Lovely tat as well!

  5. jup i also still have some of my old ponies ^^ about 20 or so, i really really love them. thx so much guys that you like them!

  6. i’d be delighted to hear My Little Pony’s speek a language other than english… the mere thought is making my jello jiggle…

  7. OF COURSE they do! they are still on sale over here, i like the new pony looks also ^^very cute, though they are a bit smaller than the old ones.

  8. Aww, this tattoo makes me cry… I used to have a biiiig collection of My Little Ponies but then I sold them all to my aunt for her destructive children :( I don’t want to know what state they are in now… *regrets it forever and ever*

    But lovely tattoo!

  9. the color is amazing! they’re so cute! I like the picture of the my little Pony sleeve that i’ve seen on here too.

  10. @sara yeah thats about whats happening to my ponies right now… well not as bad, i didnt sell them, but they are at my mums place and everytime they have some ppl with childrend invited my mom gives them my ponies to play with >_

  11. HAH see now they are my little ponies!!!

    sorry – had a pegasus done on my arm last year in Amsterdam – and when i came back home all my friends thought it was a My Little Pony.

    Not saying i dont love MLP – and that is beautiful – colourful and cute – just what I think ink should be all about.

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